7 Of The Most Badass Burgers You’ll Ever Lay Your Hands On

We all love to sink our teeth into a fat, well-stuffed burger with just the right ratio of bun and patty. So sit down and buckle up – but excuse us while we put away our skinny jeans – cause here come the most succulent patties in town.


1. The Butchers Club Burger: Double Happiness

The Butchers Club serves up some of the most sensational gourmet burgers in town and you’ll have the best of all the burger worlds with this gorgeous creation. Two chunky slabs of dry-aged beef patty, two slices of creamy cheese and all the other fixins’ in between two decadent grilled cheese sammies, here’s to a burger that tops all burgers.

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2. Spathe Public House: Black Bun Lobster Burger

While many people may sneer at non-beef burgers, including a plant or seafood-based option often opens an explosively delicious and VAST Pandora’s box of culinary creations. Exhibit A: witness Spathe Public House’s Signature Black Bun Lobster Burger, which packs an entire lobster tail, juicy tomatoes, creamy sliced avocados, and a crispy fried hash brown between two black buns. The sambal mayo adds a slight kick, and you don’t hear us complaining.

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3. &Made Burger Bistro & L’Entrecote Express: The Blue Moon (Dec 2016 Update: currently under renovation and relocating in 2017)

Blue cheese is a radical ingredient-love it or hate it. And if you belong to the former category, rejoice because The Blue Moon is your dream come true. Starring alongside a succulent dry aged beef patty, grilled bacon, lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise, this eclectic selection will delight your senses.

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4. The Beast: Beast Burger

Behold, the daddy of all burgers has arrived. Featuring 1.6 pounds of juicy beef patty, 1 pound of slow-cooked pulled pork, 1 pound of southern buttermilk fried chicken, a good serving of slaw, lettuce and tomato wedged between a custom-made 9 inch bun and served with a bucket of fries, that sentence won’t be the only thing that’s a mouthful. You’ll be needing some reinforcements so call down 3 more kakis to chow down on this beast together. Or if you’re adventurous enough, take on the Beast Burger Challenge!

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Duck-RiletteIMG_1469 (1)

5. Two Blur Guys: Duck Rillette

You will find honest burgers here at Two Blur Guys and the Duck Rilette is the perfect example. It also explains why the Duck Rillette is the only burger that features duck meat instead of the usual beef patty. Tuck into some juicy shredded duck served atop a bed of cheese and fresh tomatoes. Mmmm. If duck isn’t your thing though, we recommend their Grilled Chicken Burger. Marinated with Asian spices and topped with gruyere cheese and curry mayo, this burger will titillate your taste buds. And with an unbeatable price, there’s no need to resist anymore.

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6. VeganBurg: Avocado Beetroot

Vegetarians – and vegans – rejoice. Finally, a veggie burger that stands up to its meatier competition. The Avocado Beetroot Burger is a hearty soybean patty slathered with beetroot pate and fresh avocado, then finished with crisp lettuce, onion, and tomato. Its nuanced balance of flavors blends well with the hearty bun. With most of their 100% plant-based burgers coming in at under $10, you’ll have cash to spare on their awesome Seaweed Fries and possibly a dessert (or two)! Hey, you made the healthy choice, now it’s time for a splurge.

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7. db Bistro & Oyster Bar: The Original db Burger

This is one burger that packs a punch: it’s a sirloin burger filled with generous heapings of tender braised short ribs and foie gras served on a delicious parmesan bun. It is a marvel to see, with a taste that can only be described as heavenly. But burger nirvana is not only achieved with indulgent ingredients. Every element of the dish from the construction to the condiments will make you a believer in intelligent design. No wonder it won the “Best Burger” title in our 2015 Diners’ Choice Awards.

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