Rice Bowls So Pretty It’s a Crime to Eat Them

Rice bowls are the perfect go-to comfort food. Whether you need to kickstart the day, or are craving a heartwarming meal after a tough day’s work, who wouldn’t appreciate a bowl of gorgeous protein, assorted veggies and many other satisfying ingredients generously sprawled over a bed of warm rice?


Ninja Bowl

If you still haven’t caught the drift, their signature dishes involve a variety of stealthy rice bowls that are wholesome, healthy, and truly a sight to behold. Who can resist a rice bowl padded with ingredients like quinoa, fresh veggies, orzo, and many more? One of our faves is Ninja Bowl’s new Ushi Bowl (bottom image), with a flank steak that we could write home about for days. Other bowls are topped with Japanese-inspired mains like Tuna tataki, Aburi cha shu, and Salmon poke – they’re hearty treats that still lean toward the healthy side of things.

When we asked Chef Sean what’s the secret to the perfect donburi, instead of mentioning the freshness of the ingredients or the right ratios – which should go without saying, he says – “the most important thing is that we love it.”  We love it too, Sean!

Available all day.

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DW Workshop

DW Workshop’s gorgeous Weekday Lunch Bowls are a tapestry of brilliant colours and wholesome flavours. What’s more, they are totally customisable. Choose 1 main (Savoury Grilled Chicken, Grilled Ribeye, Sweet Potato Fritata), 3 sides, either hot or cold, 1 grain, and 1 topping. Pair that with a fresh glass of cold-pressed juice and we say the day’s perfect.

Available only on weekdays, from 11:30am to 2:30pm.

DW Workshop is now closed


Sin Lee Foods

These flavour-packed rice bowls have caught our attention for good reason. Just look at them. You won’t wanna miss their Salmon and Tuna Chirashi, Tender Yakiniku Beef Bowl, Korean Rubbed Chicken with Sesame Slaw rice bowls, available only for $12-$14 per bowl!

Available only on weekdays.

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Tanuki Raw

In Japanese lore, a tanuki is a mischievous, shape-shifting creature, and Tanuki Raw’s Truffle Yakiniku Donburi is nothing short of mythical. The brilliant combination of tender pan-seared short rib, truffle soy sauce, and onsen tamago makes you wonder if there is some otherworldly influence going on behind the scenes. Another standout bowl is Tanuki Raw’s Salted Egg Char Siew Don, which tastes even better than it sounds. The lunch bowls start at just $12++, and you can find Tanuki Raw at locations around Bras Basah and Orchard.

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Head to Bincho for mouthwatering rice bowls that deliver quality and clean but wholesome flavours. Choose from 10 different varieties, such as Beef Tongue Don, Uni Ikura Don, Kaisen Don, and Kurobuta Jowl Aburi Don.

Available during lunch on weekdays, and all-day on Sunday.

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The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

This popular joint has several rice bowls that are power-packed with healthy ingredients. Our top choice though is the Populus ‘Chicken Rice’ Donburi, which features a juicy chicken cutlet and ingredients like furikake, nanban vegetables and a luscious onsen egg set upon a pristine bed of warm rice.

Available all day.

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The Refinery

For satisfying rice bowls that won’t break the bank, head to The Refinery, where you’ll find the likes of The Refinery Bowl, the Buta Shogayaki Don and the famed Gyuniku Donburi all at crazy affordable prices. This is a steal your wallet will thank you for.

Available during lunch and dinner.

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