Five 2016 Dessert Trends and Where to Find Them

To dessert, or not to dessert…is that even a question? With the thriving sweets scene in Singapore, some remain eternally popular while others naturally fade into obscurity. We’ve put together a short list of desserts that are all the rage this year, and only time will tell if they’ll remain on people’s to-eat list.

1. Matcha-flavoured lava cake

Matcha has obviously been popular for a long time now (and for good reason), but more innovative uses of the flavour have surfaced recently. Matcha lava cake, while already beloved by many, is one that has been gaining increasing prominence; it has also been upgraded, adapted, and enhanced to epic proportions like in this dessert:


Where to find it: Ninja Cut

Introducing the one matcha dessert to rule them all. Newly opened restaurant Ninja Cut (same family as Ninja Bowl) is serving up this monster matcha “hot cake” that’s essentially a huge pancake-meets-matcha-lava-masterpiece. The Marvellous Matcha bakes for twenty minutes so the edges crisp perfectly, is topped with a dollop of ricotta, edible flowers, yuzu peel and azuki beans, and finally surrounded by a ring of shortbread crumble and homemade rice balls. The oozing matcha lava is irresistibly delicious and not overwhelmingly sweet, and paired perfectly with the smooth red bean and tangy ricotta.

Heaven is a place on earth, and can be found here with this cake.

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2. Bingsu


This refreshing shaved ice dessert is the latest incarnation of Singaporeans’ love for all things Korean. Beat the heat with a generous bowl of icy goodness and swoon as each flavourful spoonful melts in your mouth. To sweeten the deal (heh), some of the more elaborate bingsus are spectacularly photogenic, so avid users of Snapchat and Instagram can snap away to their hearts’ content.

Where to find it: Chicken Up

We know, we know, Chicken Up doesn’t exactly give the impression of a place that sells great bingsu (its specialty is right there in the name) but save your judgement until you’ve taken a gander at this.


It might look just a little precariously balanced, but who cares? Feast your eyes on those fat little melon balls stacked up neatly to support that perfect scoop of ice cream. Admire their creativity in using a melon husk for a bowl, and the perfect complement it provides to the theme of the dessert. Here is an ice-cold dessert that’s as delightful on the eyes as it is on the palate.

Flavours We Recommend: Watermelon Bingsu, Melon Bingsu, Matcha Bingsu, Pat Bingsu

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3. Over-the-top milkshakes

Milkshakes have been a part of the public consciousness for a long time now, but in recent years they’ve been eclipsed by a barrage of more elaborate confections. They’ve now made a comeback, in the form of prettier, bigger, more over-the-top versions of those of yesteryear that are much more dessert than beverage.

Where to find them: Benjamin Browns

One of the first places to offer and define these milkshakes in Singapore is Benjamin Browns. They offer a substantial range of flavours, from Coffee and Avocado (the avocado might just offset some of the guilt, with its healthy fats and all) to Nutella and Banana. Fans of the cookies will absolutely adore the Tim Tam-flavoured shake, with its copious amounts of Tim Tam, brownie, and, well, pretty much everything. Eat a light dinner, as these bad boys could practically be a meal.

Milk Shake from Benjamin Browns in Orchard, Singapore

Pretty generous, eh?

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Where else to find them: OverEasy (Liat Towers)

The Berry Bonanza Milkshake at OverEasy has generated lots of buzz, and for good reason. A drool-worthy mix of chocolate, berries and marshmallow, this decadent glass of perfection is sure to satisfy your milkshake craving.


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4. Salted Egg Yolk. . .

We’re sure you’ve heard about and even tried a wide variety of *interesting* creations involving salted egg, but this trend just keeps getting hotter and hotter and as long as sweet creations like the two below keep coming, we’re totally ok with that.

Where to find it: The East Bureau


This is actually part of a trio of towering cream puffs, the other two being whipped  orh nee paste and black sesame soy milk bavarian respectively, all topped with a coconut caramel drizzle and desiccated coconut. Imagine the rich salty-sweetness of a salted egg yolk creme, with the roasted sweetness of coconut and caramel, in between bites of the other nutty flavors. Not too sweet and not too cloying, this is one dessert trend of 2016 that we hope never dies.

Click here for more info on The East Bureau.

Where else to find it: Three Cups Coffee Co.

This ‘Salted Egg Yolk Earl Grey Cake’ is a unique sweet with a subtle play of flavours that work devilishly well. Three Cups Coffee Co., tucked away on the 4th floor of One Raffles Place, serves up this beauty which pairs well with a hazelnut mocha. The amount of salted egg-ness in the icing is just right: not too overpowering but definitely still present. Sweet and a tiny bit savoury, expect a really fluffy and pleasant earl grey cake perfect for an afternoon break with a good book.

Click here for more info on Three Cups Coffee Co.

5. Unusual waffles

It has become increasingly common to see restaurants put their own creative spin on old favourites. Relatively obscure flavours are now enjoying a renaissance as consumers place increasing emphasis on uniqueness. Here are some of the funkier flavours and where you can find them:

ButterScotch Café: Ondeh Ondeh Waffles


An indulgence for even those with the sweetest teeth, this cosy cafe’s dessert is made of pandan waffles topped with gula melaka sauce and coconut flakes. The mild fragrance of the pandan provides complexity and depth to the sweetness of the gula melaka, while the coconut flakes add a nice texture to each bite. The final product is one which is ideal for those who find the usual waffle toppings a little pedestrian. So, go ahead, explore the possibilities! Life’s too short to stick to convention anyway.

Click here for more info on Butterscotch Cafe.

Montana Singapore
: Black Velvet Waffles

Photo Credit: Vanessa Kou on Burpple

From its name you would think that this is an ultra-chocolatey waffle huh?

Nope. Get that Asian palate ready, because the “black” in this “black velvet” beauty is actually black sesame! You get to choose your waffle texture (crispy or fluffy), then add a scoop or either black sesame or green tea ice cream to top. We say go for the green tea, it’s a smooth compliment to the sesame. Crisp, sweet, and a tad bit salty due to the black miso caramel sauce drizzled on top, this is a wholeheartedly different waffle experience that’s worth the hype. Located within a two-level, multi-dining concept area in the “mallternative” space of Selegie PoMo, this trendy café (previously Montana Brew Bar) offers up several other unusual waffles on the menu that we will be back to try.

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