The 10 Scariest Things That Could Happen to You in Singapore

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It may not be the biggest celebration of the year here in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good scare, some deliciously themed food sweets, and costumes that work in all the right (and wrong) ways. But forget about the haunted houses, here are the 10 SCARIEST things that could happen to you if lady luck is not on your side this Halloween season – or anytime, for that matter.

1. A dozen screaming toddlers standing in line between you and your Sunday brunch buffet.

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2. Your friend claiming that yet *another* salted egg yolk fusion dessert is better than the original.

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3. You mistakenly think there’s no GST or service charge at a fancy new cafe… and then you receive the dinner bill.

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4. Your favourite chicken rice stall mysteriously sells out by 3 pm.

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5. Someone tries to take your seat in the food court when you clearly left a tissue packet.

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6. It’s 9 pm. You’re still in the office, hungry and tired, and your food delivery ends up at another address.

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7. You wait in line for 15 minutes then the aunty in front of you orders $20 worth of kopi.

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8. The queues and crowds along Orchard Road.

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You #shouldhavechoped Mr. Snow.

9. You head down to Bugis to score some Milo peng and a selfie with Nathan Hartono… one week too late.

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10. You show up to your favorite restaurant on Friday night and there are no available tables.

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Now THAT’S just terrifying. Play it safe and book your table through Chope to avoid any spooky surprises when you dine out this season! How about some badass burgers or insanely delicious fries while you’re at it?