Drool-worthy Eats of the Week: Tom Yum Cereal Salmon & BBQ Pork Ribs at Pluck

One glance at Pluck’s new menu was all it took win my heart…er, stomach. So like any good foodie I strolled over to get a taste of what promised to be a feast of fusion bites highlighting Southeast Asian flavors.

Full disclosure: the reality was so much better than I could have ever anticipated.

Two dishes truly stood out among some stellar competition: the Tom Yum Cereal Salmon…


and Assam BBQ Pork Ribs…


Talk about leaving me breathless. I wolfed down that salmon in under two minutes and the ribs didn’t take much longer. Naturally I HAD to get a behind-the-scenes look at how these absurdly tasty dishes were created. Come fly with me…into Pluck’s kitchen!

Tom Yum Cereal Salmon ($22++)

The Norwegian salmon bites take a quick dip in a lake of tom-yum spiced cereal crumbs…

are presented to the oven gods for 7 brief minutes…

and are finished with simple topping of mentaiko mayo and spring onion. BAM.


The salmon is ridiculously moist and tender and the scrumptious bites pack a huge flavour. The smooth mayo nicely tempers the spice of the tom yum, and the crunch of the cereal contrasts appealingly with the melt-in-your-mouth fish. Just putting it out there – it makes for an otherworldly experience.

We are not worthy of this deliciousness.

Assam BBQ Pork Ribs ($22++)

Next on my plate are some meaty bad boys. After being marinated in a tamarind/secret spice/BBQ sauce compote they get a royal 12 hour sous-vide treatment at 75 degrees to lock in the flavour. Then the magic happens:

They get an extra coating of the pineapple & honey infused BBQ sauce before being torched to perfection. (Hey, is that drool on your phone?)

They’re finished with a beautiful spattering of peanuts, Japanese rice seasoning, fried shallots, and red onion.


And here we have the five wickedly tender, well-sized pieces of juicy meat. The hint of fish in the Japanese rice flavoring is pleasantly balanced by the tangy sweetness of the sauce and the entire dish is elevated thanks to the combined texture of peanuts and shallots. Never thought I’d say it but this is a surprisingly complex rib!


I have to give a special shout-out as well to the Thai Tea-ramisu ($10++). The ladyfinger cookies are soaked in, you guessed it, Thai tea, and chilled together with a premium Thai-tea infused mascarpone for 24 hours. Overall it’s an incredibly palate-pleasing dessert that nails the right balance of creamy, fluffy, and refreshing. Don’t expect the sugar level of a typical Thai iced tea though, cause it’s a less prominent hint of sweetness and a surprisingly subtle flavour of tea that provides the perfect ending to the savory mains.

Find it at 90 Club Street.
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