12 Can’t Miss Bangkok Restaurants Opened in 2016

Bangkok is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world. Tourists flock to this buzzing city; with its vibrant nightlife, rich culture, and diverse food scene it’s not hard to see why. Here are our picks for the 12 hottest restaurants opened in 2016 that you absolutely need to visit in between your sight-seeing and temple-hopping!


Cocotte Farm Roast and Winery

Cocotte is a cross between a bar and a bistro that gives off a contemporary and polished feel, yet manages to keep things cosy. Try the drool-worthy Half Farmer Chicken, marinated with a special house made sauce, drizzled with a gravy of your choice. Chow down on their equally impressive Tomahawk Australian Wagyu, prepared using Wagyu beef with a favorable marbling score of 5 which ensures absolute tenderness. The preparation for the beef (approx. 40 mins) can be long, but rest assured it’s totally worth it. Also worth a bite is the signature Farmer Egg Cocotte: a perfectly cooked organic duck egg accompanied with a spread of duck rillettes and fluffy parmesan foam.

Dishes We Love: Half Farmer Chicken, Tomahawk Australian Wagyu, Cocotte Burger, Farmer Egg Cocotte, Hokkaido Sea Scallop

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Wanna take refuge from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok? The cool concrete interiors of Bunker provide just that, along with an extremely hospitable staff to boot. Enjoy fabulous American cuisine dished out by Chef Arnold Marcella, who was a protege under two-Michelin-star Chef Paul Liebrandt and former head of The Elm in New York City. Expect occasional Asian flavours and influences in some of the dishes like the freshly cut Kampachi Sashimi, with sweet Hokkaido sea urchin and refreshing daikon slices as sides. For a more Western oriented palate try the Smoked Wagyu Beef Rib (for two), which is exceptionally tender and juicy thanks to a cooking process takes 24 hours. To complete the experience refresh yourself with a Paloma Cocktail (a tequila based cocktail with grapefruit soda, Campari, candied orange, and pineapple). Trust us: the bartenders at Bunker know what they’re doing.

Dishes We Love: Red Alaskan King Crab, Seared Octopus, Kampachi Sashimi, Saltbush Lamb, Smoked Wagyu Short Rib

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Morimoto Bangkok

Expect no less than perfection from an Iron Chef! We aren’t sure if Chef Masaharu Morimoto rules the kitchen with an iron fist but with over 10 restaurants around the world he must be doing something right. This finely decorated restaurant offers an innovative mix of traditional Japanese and fusion dishes. Along with the multi-course omakase dinner offered at the sushi bar, diners can enjoy the drool-worthy Black Cod Braised in Thick Ginger Soy – a signature Morimoto dish. Or take your evening to the next level of extravagance with the Chawanmushi served with foie gras and oysters. East meets West and good food meets our tummies at Morimoto Bangkok!

Dishes We Love: Sashimi, Black Cod Braised in Thick Ginger Soy, Chawanmushi, Morimoto’s Championship Burger, Tuna Pizza, Ishi Yaki Buri Bop

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Housed in a beautiful two storey building, Suhring offers the kind of cosy environment that makes you feel immediately at home. Their homestyle German cooking also delivers some much needed kudos to an oft overlooked region of cuisine. Apart from obvious choices such as Roasted Knuckle of Pork, twin chefs Thomas and Mathias Suhring showcase other heritage-rich dishes like Schwäbische Käsespätzle, a German style pasta cooked with Belper Knolle (a rich and herby cheese made from cow’s milk). Pair their tasty dishes with wine curated by the restaurant’s in-house sommelier and step out into the Winter Garden to enjoy a starry Bangkok evening after a hearty meal.

Dishes We Love: Salt Meadow Lamb from Piet van den Berg, Schwäbische Käsespätzle, Himmel & Erde, Spiced Tomato Cracker, Frankfurter Grüne Soße

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Jamie's Italian Spring Summer App Menu Shoot
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Jamie’s Italian

Based on the success of its other outlets around the globe, Jamie’s Italian (opening in December) is sure to be a hit. As expected from the Jamie brand, the Bangkok branch will only be using high quality ingredients that are not only fresh, but sustainably sourced as well. You can expect signature dishes such as the flavourful Tagliatelle Bolognese, served with slow cooked pork, beef, and red wine sauce. Try the Funghi Misti Pizza for the ultimate umami boost. Make your Italian feast even more indulgent by finishing with a luscious ‘Epic Chocolate Brownie’. You can’t go wrong here with amazing quality at affordable prices.

Dishes We Love: Chicken Al Mattone, Tagliatelle Bolognese, Prawn Linguine, Margherita, Epic Chocolate Brownie, Vin Santo Tiramisu

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Touché Hombre

Imagine teleporting yourself to the other side of the world into a cozy seat at a charming restaurant to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine. Fortunately, Touché Hombre spares us the trouble with an accessible alternative right in the heart of Bangkok. House-made tortillas are the name of the game here, with a variety of fillings to satiate every culinary craving. You’ll also enjoy mean seafood dishes and the fan-favourite Elotes Callejeros, a superbly grilled corn cob with chipotle mayo and cotija cheese. Feeling thirsty? Sip some expertly crafted cocktails from their wide variety of agave spirits. This, folks, is a good hombre.

Dishes We Love: Tuna Tostada, Tacos, Elotes Callejeros, Kingfish Laminado, Tres Leches

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Lady Brett 72 Courtyard

Situated at the lower level of a two storey building, Lady Brett 72 Courtyard is a cozy joint serving up a variety of barbequed delights. The team here prepares all of their grilled fare in a Josper BBQ oven, fired up with binchotan hardwood charcoal and hickory wood chips; this advanced BBQ technology results in an incredible flavour you’ll be longing for long after you’ve finished your meal. (We personally can’t get enough of the absolutely delicious Dry Aged Tomahawk, served with creamy spinach and roasted garlic.) If you’re searching for a spot with a rustic and open concept that dishes out great food, then this is the place for you.

Dishes We Love: Grilled Chicken Burger, Dry aged Tomahawk, Baby Octopus, Phuket Pink Snapper, Banana Cream Pie

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Il Fumo Restaurant and Bar

Il Fumo is the Italian word for smoke, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to guess how they prepare the nosh here. They take their grilling seriously and have painstakingly perfected the process: different types of wood are used for different types of produce (cherry for meats, olive for fish, and almond for delicate seafood). Ingredients are sourced directly from Spain and Italy, and the execution is just as authentic. There’s much to say about the freshness and quality of the ingredients, but we advise you try it out yourself!

Dishes We Love: Paccheri Pasta, Rubia Gallega Beef, Canadian Lobster, Octopus, Frutta Grigliata

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Laemgate Infinite

Strictly speaking, Laemgate is not exactly a new restaurant – it merely moved to a new nest this year. This gives us an excuse to mention them because they really are that good. Expect a huge spread of quality catches from Chonburi and to-die-for oysters from their partner farm as part of their à la carte seafood buffet. We highly recommend the Nam Prik Khai Pu, whose smooth crab roe is complemented with fragrant Thai chilli paste. For desserts, try the crispy roti served with either lime or Thai tea ice cream. Just be sure to come on an empty stomach.

Dishes We Love: Flavoured Grilled Pork, Oysters, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Roti, Nam Prik Khai Pu

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10. Honey

If you happened to be strolling by Honey you would be hard-pressed to stop yourself from entering the gorgeous cafe. With a modern and crisp interior, Honey exhibits an exceptionally hospitable vibe that makes you want to spend your whole morning there. Other than the cafe usuals, the menu is finely tuned to reflect the name of the restaurant; honey is incorporated in many of the dishes. Notables include the sinful Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings, an innovative Honey Caesar Parmigiano Salad, and Chicken Waffles served with honey ginger sauce. Hungry yet? Consider yourself an exuberant Winnie the Pooh who’s just stumbled upon a treasure trove of honey!

Dishes We Love: Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings, Honey Butter Pancake, Parma Ham & White Peach Open Sandwich, Beef Ragout Rigatoni tossed with Thyme.

*Closed as of January 2017

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Matcha Ten

It’s dessert time somewhere, is it not? Functioning as the dessert arm of Tenyuu Grand, Matcha Ten serves sweet treats guaranteed to put a spring in your step. Apart from the the plethora of matcha desserts, be sure to check out the luxuriant Fudge Lava (it’s guaranteed to bring you straight to chocolate nirvana). If you’re still hungry, tuck into a more substantial dish like the Egg Skillet, which is made with a plethora of goodness: duck eggs, chorizo, salami, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. Despite its reputation as a dessert cafe, we’re egg-static they serve savoury grub here.

Dishes We Love: Waffle with Grilled Bacon and Eggs, Egg Skillet, Shaved Mineral Water Kakigori, Fudge Lava

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Shugaa Dessert Bar

Our second dessert stop has been giving diners quite the rush in 2016. Fancy stepping into a dreamy and magical world? Find a seat at Shugaa and you might feel as if  you’ve floated into wonderland. The charming pastel colours and crystal theme complement the delicate desserts exceptionally well. Opt for the freshly baked Spinach Puffs for a savoury bite, or the Tomoko – an almond chocolate brownie smothered with a blend of hazelnut, caramel and miso mousse –  if you have a craving for chocolate. If that’s too much sugar, feel free to play with the cute wooden animal friends near the sugar-like spiral staircase. That should keep the Shugaa rush at bay.

Dishes We Love: Crump’B, Spinach Puff, Tomoko, Ryokucha, J’Stellar, Chaophraya Spaghetti

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