A Sea-riously Satisfying Seafood Indulgence at The Market Grill

Between local, regional, and international cuisines, there is no shortage of quality seafood eats in Singapore – in fact, it’s often overwhelming how spoilt we are for choice. That’s why I’m so on board with The Market Grill’s no-frills approach to serving up fresh seafood. This commitment is on full display with their newly launched Seafood Platter, an armful of fresh catch and shellfish prepared by a team of experts.

Come take a dive with me through The Market Grill kitchen as I see how Chef Colin West crafts this outrageously scrumptious seafood platter step by step.

The magic begins with some good ‘ol oyster shucking, a bed of sea salt & seaweed, and a lemon-tabasco mixture. These bad boys are of Irish origin, though general oyster provenance varies based on seasonality and the market. All signs are pointing to optimal deliciousness here.

Chef then preps the catch of the day, which varies – as you guessed it – day to day. Here we have a hefty local sea bass that’s sprinkled with a bit of sea salt & black pepper, and drizzled with some olive oil before meeting its fiery finish first on the grill, then in the oven.

Chef steams this 500g Boston lobster before it undergoes some important surgery and a butter treatment that promises prime indulgence.

It is called The Market Grill after all. The Chilean scallops join their seafood friends with a bit of butter, as the shellfish sizzles away, filling the kitchen with irresistible aromas.

In just a few minutes we’re done! Chef melts some clarified butter together with garlic and scallions for dipping drenching, and I try my best to not linger on the boiling butter mixture for too long.

Chef plates the seafood and adds a side of fries, ‘cause why not?

The feast begins. Don’t think I forgot about those oysters!

The platter is simple, fresh, and flavourful. As the chef says himself, ‘you don’t mess around with fresh seafood’. The sea bass is a level of tender I didn’t think was physically possible – practically dissolving in my mouth – and the flavour of the lobster is sublime (especially after a swim in its butter & garlic bath). The scallops prove to be a flaky and savoury treat: a great complement to the refreshing bite that accompanies slurping down a spicy oyster.

The Market Grill Seafood Platter serves 2-3 people, so it’s definitely worth inviting a friend or two along to tackle this behemoth. Today it’s $138+ (GST, no service charge), but that’s give or take ten bucks based on the market price.

In a city where you can have your seafood any way you like, The Market Grill avoids unnecessary fanfare for a no-fuss preparation and presentation that allows the natural flavours of the seafood to shine. It’s like diving directly into a warm tropical sea, with unmistakable hints of ocean salt and the unadorned chargrilled flavours you’d expect from an afternoon seaside BBQ.

Good food, good mood, indeed.

Find it at 208 Telok Ayer Street
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