Travel to Spain with Us!

They say that you can tell a lot about a country from its food. With its bold flavours, crazy variety, and timeless traditions, Spain is certainly doing something right!


Tapas are small plates that can be served both hot or cold. Legend has it that they were invented when King Alfonso X of Castile fell seriously ill and was only allowed small portions of food. Nowadays, people usually share plates of tapas between friends, which is perfect for those who can’t decide between plentiful choices (like us).


Sabio Tapas Bar

Enjoy classic hot plates like Croqeutas de Jamon (ham croquettes), Albondigas en Salsa Española con Tomate (beef meatballs in spicy tomato sauce), and Gambas Al Pil Pil (sizzling prawns in virgin olive oil and garlic). Cold tapas such as Pimientos Marinados Caseros (homemade marinated capsicum), and Ensalada de Queso de Cabra (a salad of crisp baby spinach, fresh goat cheese, red onions, cherry tomatoes, and walnuts) are also fab options that’ll leave you wanting more. 

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My Little Tapas Bar

This quaint little tapas bar along Club Street serves up good vibes along with their authentic tapas. Check out their Chipirones al Ajillo (baby octopus sauteed with garlic and chili infused olive oil), Almejas con Algas (fresh clams cooked with seaweed and fino sherry wine), and Cigarillos (pastry cigars stuffed with chorizo and manchego cheese).

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Octapas Spanish Tapas Bar

Our top must-trys: Ceviche Picante De Vieiras (spicy scallop ceviche in olive oil, garlic, chili, fresh herbs, and lemon juice), Boquerones En Limon (marinated anchovies in lemon, garlic and olive oil), Pulpo Con Salsa Picada Catalana (grilled octopus with Catalan picada sauce), Mejillones Y Chorizo Con Salsa (mussels and chorizo sausages in tomato and olive sauce).

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You may trip over its pronunciation (pa-eh-ya) but you’ll fall head over heels for this Valencian rice dish. Possibly the most famous Spanish culinary creation, paella is an ever-evolving dish that may feature seafood, chicken, pork, or all of them together in one large platter.


My Little Spanish Place (Boat Quay)

Cold and soggy paellas are a strict no-no here, which is why their paellas are all made fresh, only after orders are taken. Check out their signature House Paella, heaped with all the good stuff like black mussels, chorizo, prawns and chicken. The Arrroz Negro (black ink paella) is also an intriguing option, flavoured with a black squid ink broth and served up with prawn and squid.

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Iberico Cochinillo

The Iberian version of roasted suckling pig! Slice through its crispy (and quite tasty) skin to reveal succulent and tender meat. Here are our tried and tested places to enjoy this legendary dish.



Embrace your inner foodie adventurer at Dehesa’s nose-to-tail dining experience. Here you’ll be sinking your teeth into more than just succulent roast meat. Enter Pig’s Head Terrine: it sounds daunting but tastes awesome, especially when Dehesa’s illustrious chef, Jean-Philippe Patruno, has made it his mission to extract flavours your tastebuds have never before experienced.

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La Ventana

Their crispy suckling pig really is just what it says it is and we can’t get enough. Plus a side of strawberry salad, whose juicy sweetness offsets the porcine decadence .

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A shop displaying jamon at a local market in Barcelona

Often seen hanging at stall fronts in Spanish markets, Jamon (the Spanish word for ham) is dry-cured ham that’s often served in thin slices.


My Little Tapas Bar

Savour some authentic jamon here, with five types of carved-to-order jamones for you to choose from. Paired with some queso (Spanish cheese) this is the perfect starter to kick off your foray into Spanish culinary heaven.

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