7 Unusual Meat Eats and Where to Find Them

From tongue and hearts to stomach and everything in between, these seven meat eats may be unusual, but our taste buds aren’t complaining. Challenge your food fears, relinquish those culinary inhibitions, and take a look at how restaurants prepare, flavour, and serve up these crazy animal parts.


1. Kangaroo Tartare and Tripe at Salted & Hung

Tripe is the stomach lining of a farm animal, but don’t worry, not only is it totally edible, but also tastes heavenly to those who can…stomach it. Seasoned lightly with salt and pepper before frying, Salted & Hung’s Salt ‘N’ Pepper Tripe will definitely leave you scratching your head wondering why it tastes so good.


And if you think eating stomach is weird, how about having a go at raw kangaroo meat? Not a dish that comes by easily in Singapore, Salted & Hung’s Kangaroo Tartare is a definite must-try. Here are some of the best reasons why: it makes for a great conversation-starter ( “do you want to hear about that time I tasted raw kangaroo meat??”), and it’s also a dish you’ll be dreaming about for days. Dressed up with pickled beetroot, juniper crumbs, and blood orange creme, this elevated cuisine will surprise your senses with every bite.

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Image Source: Six & Seven

2. Duck Hearts on Toast at Dehesa

At this nose-to-tail dining experience, the philosophy is clear: every part of the animal that can be eaten shall be savoured. From Pig Head, Duck Heart, Bone Marrow, Oxtail, and to the more familiar Suckling Pig, it’s time to put aside your misgivings and dive right in! The firm duck hearts are slathered in a dark sweet sauce for a perfect texture combo with the crunchy toast – the ultimate solution to satisfy both your curiosity and appetite.

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3. Stewed Crocodile Palm at Summer Palace

Who would have thought this vicious predator would be served on a plate? Summer Palace’s Stewed Crocodile Palm in Claypot has left us with no choice but to leave all our prejudices at the door – that’s how good it tastes. Chef Liu uses only the freshest and highest grade quality ingredients to create authentic yet innovative dishes there; in fact, the crocodile meat at Summer Palace is locally sourced. In some parts of the world (including Hong Kong), crocodile meat is considered a delicacy. This surprisingly tender meat is low in cholesterol, high in protein and has close to zero fat. Not to mention it’s a great addition to your growing list of impressive ‘I-bet-you’ve-never tried…[insert crazy food item]’!

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4. Crispy Pig Ears at Naughty Nuri’s

Don’t be surprised to hear that pig ears are both fatty and delicious, especially when the restaurant serving them knows how to dish out fabulously unusual meat eats. The team at Naughty Nuri’s prepares the ears with a simple combination of spicy curry powder and lime, resulting in an initial crunch that is flavourful and tangy, followed by some melt-in-your-mouth meaty goodness. Perfect for nibbling on while enjoying a few of their famous martinis.

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5. Beef Tongue Quesadillas at Señor Taco

There’s really nothing unusual about how sinfully good these Beef Tongue Quesadillas are when you consider that they’re cooked up by the expert chefs at this genuine Tex-Mex joint. Señor Taco serves these bad boys in 6-inch flour tortillas with shredded beef tongue barbacoa and layers of melty cheese. Beef tongue is quite high in fat but is actually relatively delicate given its rich flavour, similar to a brisket or deli-style roast beef. Following the cooking styles of Northern Mexico or barbacoa norteña, the beef tongue is slow cooked for 8 hours with only a few ingredients, rendering it fork tender while retaining all its beefy goodness. Don’t overthink this one: just top it with green sauce and drops of lime, and dig into this tasty delicacy worthy of your culinary appreciation!

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6. Salmon Ovaries at Ginza Sushi-ichi

So it may not be meat technically, but it comes close enough! In case you didn’t already know, salmon roe is essentially the fully ripe internal egg masses in a salmon’s ovaries, but we doubt you’ll stop eating it anytime soon. With a smooth texture and delicate flavour, this is a ubiquitous cuisine in all Japanese restaurants. For an artisanal take on this beloved dish though, head to Ginza Sushi-ichi, and let their Michelin-starred sushi blow your mind.

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7. Raw Beef at The Disgruntled Chef

Yes folks, beef can be eaten raw, and for those who don’t know it goes by the elegant name of “steak tartare”. Featuring finely chopped or minced raw beef, steak tartare is often served with onions and seasoning. Some restaurants, like The Disgruntled Chef here, even top it off with a raw egg. While the steak tartare isn’t extremely common in Singapore, it’s no stranger to Europeans, and can be found at almost every restaurant on the streets of Paris. Try it once, and you’ll be hard pressed to order your steak well-done ever again.

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