Fresh Eats: Top 11 Restaurants to Try in Singapore this February

From nature-inspired dishes to a magical dining experience, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s something amazing to try every week in February with these latest haunts.


The Summerhouse

Be prepared to have your mind blown when you set your sights upon the grandeur of the architecture on which the Summerhouse resides. Housed in a pristine, ivory heritage conservation bungalow built in the 1930s, it is located in Seletar which offers diners a relaxing respite from the city. The kitchen is helmed by chef de cuisine, Florian Ridder, who has garnered experiences from numerous Michelin-starred restaurants such as Piment, La Belle Epoque and Alma by Juan Almador.

On the restaurant’s second floor, Ridder has adopted a farm-to-table concept, providing a Collective Farming Menu ($90++ per pax for a 10-course meal) where guests can enjoy the best of local ingredients with in-house harvests from the restaurant’s Edible Garden. A crowd favourite is Panzanella, an eggplant ‘caviar’ served in tomato broth and drizzled with coriander oil. We are extremely taken by his Kelong Rojak as well, where Ridder adds finely-chopped rojak flower and burnt lemon zest onto fresh prawns caught from local kelongs and serves them with dollops of Thai basil puree. Enjoying these unique creations in a tranquil and relaxing setting is definitely worth going the extra mile for in our book!

Find it at 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387
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Wicked Grill

Head’s up, East Coast! Things are about to get a little hotter with the latest grillery opening along Tanjong Katong Road: Wicked Grill, a casual bar, grill and steakhouse will be serving tasty meats, freshly caught seafood, and succulent poultry that will satisfy your cravings for days.

Bringing to the table a range of grilled meaty offerings such as the bone-in ribeye steak and striploin, we don’t doubt for a second that Wicked Grill’s meat-centric menu is a carnivore’s dream come true. We can’t get enough of their grass-fed grilled Lamb Shoulder that’s cooked tender with only a mild hint of butter to complement its original flavours. Giving the traditional burger a little posh upgrade is the Truffled Shrooms Burger where Wicked Grill serves a grilled patty with a slice of cheese and piles it with truffled mushrooms for that extra touch of umami.

When you’re experiencing a serious meaty craving but is running low on cash, pop by Wicked Grill for your fix of grilled meats and enjoy some seriously good food that’s great on the stomach and easy on the pocket!

Find it at 306 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437089
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One Night Only

Nothing says classic Red, White, and Blue like a good ol’ plate of fried chicken, mac & cheese, and pancakes. Located in a quaint corner in the hip River Valley Road enclave sits One Night Only, an intimate and charming eatery, complete with diner booths and warm mood lighting, that serves simple and unpretentious American fare.

We love how the ambience of the diner made us feel at home, and the food even more so! Tuck into the Buttermilk Fried Chicken for the ultimate Americana experience – the chicken is marinated in buttermilk and then fried to a crispy perfection on the outside while maintaining all its juicy goodness within. For something with a little more kick, the Nashville Hot Chicken would be your best bet for a fiery affair, and don’t forget to order that side of Mac & Cheese (trust us, you won’t regret it)! We’d recommend taking it up a notch and getting their Chicken-Fried Steak. Here’s a hint: it’s not chicken.

As for drinks, nothing goes better with fried chicken than a tall frosty milkshake. One Night Only does a solid range of shakes, including special concoctions like the Brooklyn Egg Cream, and diners can opt to have it malted. You can bet that these are enough to bring all the boys to the yard!

Find it at 397 River Valley Road, Singapore 248292
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Acqua e Farina

This little 60-seater neighbourhood ristorante at Upper Bukit Timah dishes out authentic Northern and Southern Italian fare that makes it perfect for intimate get-togethers and family dinners.

With a name that means “water and flour” in Italian, it comes as no surprise that the made-from-scratch pizzas and hand-rolled, egg-based pastas are specialties at Acqua e Farina. We were told that Chef Antonio Manetta handmakes and kneads the dough for his pizzas, allowing it to rise for at least 30 hours before using them for the Neapolitan-style red and white base pizzas (a dedication like that can only produce the best dough, we believe!).

Acqua e Farina’s signature pizza, the aptly named Pizza Acqua E Farina, is a crowd-pleaser and we can see why: the oven-fresh dough is topped with the classic Italian combination of spicy salami, tomatoes, mozzarella, ricotta and sautéed spinach. You wouldn’t want to miss Chef Antonio’s Risotto alla Zafferano e Salsiccia, a radiant dish that embodies simplicity at its finest. We are in love with how the smooth and creamy risotto takes on a sunflower-yellow vibrancy and hints of earthy flavours from the saffron, while chunks of fennel sausages add texture and depth to the rice.

Find it at 400 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Rail Mall, Singapore 678040
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The Wall Singapore

It’s not too late to hop onto the whisky bandwagon: The Wall Singapore is the latest addition to Singapore’s bar scene and they’re here to help de-mystify the art of whisky drinking on a friendlier and more accessible platform. Named for the 100-year-old shophouse walls that house this laid-back establishment, The Wall is a Whisky & Sumiyaki Bar that offers an exquisitely curated list of whiskies and a full dining menu. Some 20 top-quality whiskies by the glass are available at an extremely friendly price starting from $14 per glass.

Unlike other whisky bars that focus almost entirely on the drinks, The Wall takes a different approach by offering whisky and sumiyaki pairing sets from $49, and a Chef’s omakase with whisky at $168 to ease guests into the art of whisky appreciation. For whisky novices, this is definitely a welcoming ‘spirit-ual’ experience!

There was also a whisky tasting chart, indicating the characteristics of whiskies, which helped us in selecting whiskies with the type of flavour profiles that will suit our palates. Those who prefer to savour whiskies with a twist are in for a treat: The Wall plays with whisky’s versatility and presents it through the lineup of whisky-forward cocktails. We were spoilt for choice with a range of classic and bespoke cocktails created by The Wall’s bar manager with our preferences in mind.

Affordable whiskies and quality food? We’ll drink to that!

Find it at 76 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088497
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Platform 1094

Wands at the ready! There’s finally a place to geek out for hours on end at the newly opened Platform 1094. Already making waves in the region within the first month of their opening, there’s just something magical about Platform 1094 that people can’t seem to get enough of.

When you first step into this wizardry-themed café, the warm brick walls and inviting wood-panelled ceilings and furniture beckon you into an ambience that is both soothing and welcoming at the same time. Fancy throwing in a little cosplay to heighten the experience? Go all out and don yourselves in wands and witch’s hats that are provided by the café – and did we mentioned that it’s free of charge? Plus points for that!

From their ‘Magically Delicious’ menu, we highly recommend the Pesto Mayo Pork Ribs, where the slab of ribs is first poached to tender perfection in buttercream then served drizzled with creamy pesto mayo and the butter-cream brown sauce that the pork was cooked in. For something a little healthier, their Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad and Beetroot & Carrot Soup are two must-haves. The desserts at Platform 1094 are also a sight to behold: the intricate Bloodberry comprises two chocolate shells filled with Hoegaarden Rosée and yogurt parfait. On the other hand, the majestic Black Magic looks like something from right out of the Forbidden Forest, with an assortment of black sesame panna cotta, squid-ink profiteroles, charcoal bread, blackberries, and a chocolate wand plated into a deliciously dark masterpiece.

However, it comes as no surprise that the most famous and talked-about item is the Goblet of Fire, an enchanting beverage made of Blue Curacao liqueur, lemonade and Bacardi rum which is torched before serving. The pièce de résistance is saved for last when a sprinkling of cinnamon powder is dusted above the drink, creating mesmerising sparks and flames that left us spellbound! Citrusy, sweet and tangy, it’s hard not to love this simple yet tasty concoction – we were certainly, ahem, spellbound.

Find it at 1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192
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7. Pololi Singapore

If you didn’t know, poké bowls are the latest rage in Singapore. With so many specialty eateries popping up, we’ll do you a solid by sharing it doesn’t get more authentic than those at Pololi, the latest hotspot in town to get your hands on this Hawaiian favourite.

Chef and entrepreneur Steph Kudus first started Pololi in Hong Kong three years ago after graduating from the U.S., where her college summers were spent riding waves and enjoying poké bowls in Hawaii. With flavours inspired by many of Steph’s favourite foods & her travels around the world, Pololi holds a repertoire of more than 20 different poké flavours where five different flavours will be served daily. Portions at Pololi only come in two sizes – the standard Da Keiki Poké Bowl ($15.99) and the heftier Da Kama’aina ($17.99) – but the range of flavours alone are enough to keep us coming back for more. Looking to savour the flavour without feeling the guilt? Swap out the white rice base with brown rice, salad, or both!

You can never go wrong with signature flavours like Traditional Spicy or Yuzu Salmon for an authentic experience. For a mid-week pick-me-up, enjoy their weekly specials such as Sweet Onion Teriyaki Swordfish, Thai Spicy Tuna, Korean Spicy Tako, Ginger Marlin, & even Sambal for those who love a little kick! The menu also offers special Hawaiian treats such as Spam™ musubi (tastes better than it sounds), tropical granitas and ice-cold beers from Kona Brewing Co.

Find it at 51 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 048441
Click here for more information on Pololi Singapore.


Botanico at The Garage

Not until you’ve tried dining in the heart of nature will you be able to understand how transcendent that experience can be, and that is exactly what a night out at Botanico at The Garage gives you. Helmed by Spanish-born Chef Antonio Oviedo, Botanico offers a modern dishes from a seasonality-driven menu to bring the best of diverse flavours to the table.

Beef or steak tartare are a dime a dozen but Botanico’s Lamb Tartare is definitely a first for us (they had us at ‘lamb’). Garnished with egg yolk cream, pickled onions and nasturtium, this starter is one of the most indulgent we’ve ever had. For mains, try the pan-seared Spanish Mackerel and Roasted Pigeon cooked two-ways. Signature cocktails Blackberry Lychee Mojito and Thyme Lemonade make perfect accompaniments as well.

Desserts like the Botanist take on a whole new level of creativity: a dish of cucumber sorbet, coconut cream, lime jam and granny smith cubes sprinkled with kaffir lime zest, each mouthful is a flavour explosion in your mouth – baby, now THAT’S a firework!

Find it at 50 Cluny Park Road, The Garage @ Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 257488
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Ho Rang I

Drawing upon his Korean heritage, restaurateur Edward Chia (who also happens to be the founder of the DoSiRak) sets up Ho Rang I in the heart of Novena to bring homestyle Korean cuisine to the table in a setting that is stylishly modern yet pleasantly humble. Ho Rang I has also received a nod of approval in the Michelin Guide, serving as a testament to its authenticity and dedication to Korean roots.

Lunch at Ho Rang I sticks to the classics: we appreciate the simplicity of the of noodle and rice dishes, homemade Banchan (Korean appetisers), and soup of the day. Homemade gochujang (korean chilli paste) is used in their Gal Bi Sal, or Grilled Beef Short Rib Bibimbap, rendering it a satisfying rice bowl that packs a punch. Being noodle-lovers at heart, we instantly took to the Gamja Ramyeon (Pork Rib Stew with Instant Noodles) which features Ho Rang I’s signature stew from Edward’s long-lived family recipe.

For dinner, we’d recommend to start with their signature seafood pancake Haemul Pajeon that’s good for two, where a fresh medley of seafood is tossed in simple batter with a sprinkling of scallions and pan fried until deliciously crisp on the outside and fluffy within. A whiff of this had us coming back for seconds! A night out with friends isn’t complete without a good korean barbecue session – once we sank our teeth into their Yangnyeom Samkyub Sal (soy-marinated pork belly), we were sold. Their newly-introduced fried chicken, made with locally farmed chicken and served with Yangnyeom spicy sauce or ganjang sauce (Korean-style soya sauce), is a great way to kick-back with a beer and relax after work.

Find it at 165 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307618
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Ola Beach Club

No one does a day of fun in the sun better than the Hawaiians do; with Ola Beach Club bringing the best of Hawaiian-inspired enjoyment to sunnyside Singapore, you can bet that there’s plenty of fun to go around for everyone! While the watersports and daytime activities are highlights at the club, we can’t help but rave about the Hawaiian fare offered at Ola that rings true to the pacific islander way of life. Helmed by Chef Liinson Heng (who’s had stints with OCF, Joel Robuchon and Swiss Butchery), you can count on the fact that the menu at Ola is fashioned to impress.

Hot starters like the Grilled Octopus showcases the best of the sea’s bounty served with a side of earthy olive tapenade, confit tomatoes, roasted fava beans, artichoke and house-made garlic and saffron mayonnaise. With mains, it doesn’t get more Hawaiian than the Loco Moco, where a delicious Wagyu beef patty is cooked to perfection and placed onto steamed Japanese rice with sesame seeds and chopped konbu (kelp) and topped with a panko-crusted egg. And who doesn’t like piña coladas? A sip of Ola’s Melemele Tiki that comes with a special twist (think homemade cinnamon banana puree) left us pining for more!

Find it at 46 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099005
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Fynn’s Restaurant

Simplicity and elegance come together in this inviting and contemporary space to bring the best of wholesome foods and global favourites. Located in the latest enclave of South Beach Avenue, Fynn’s Restaurant’s modern yet laid-back ambience make for the perfect setting for lunch, dinner and even weekend brunches.

Go for a classic brunch favourite with the Vanilla Hot Cakes with Coconut Cream and berry compote (because why not?). In an age where healthy-eating is on the rise, we’re impressed with their Grilled Chicken Fried Wild Rice, where succulent pieces of grilled chicken and a variety of healthy vegetables such as snow peas and edamame (we feel healthier already) are placed on a bed of fried rice. We find the Rice Noodle Salad, plated with watercress, shredded chicken, sweet nashi pear and drizzled with Oriental Citrus Dressing is also worth a mention.

With the comfortable ambience and their delectable dishes, Fynn’s may very well be the next hotspot for anyone looking for a good time.

Find it at 26 Beach Road #B1-21, South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768
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