7 of Our Favorite Things About The Summerhouse


Located in a historic bungalow and compound in the precincts of Seletar Airport, The Summerhouse is an idyllic summer retreat which features its gourmet restaurant The Summerhouse Dining Room & Balcony Bar, located on the upper storey of its premises, and Wildseed, a Café, Patisserie and Bar, on the ground level.

Whether it’s a slow morning over freshly brewed coffee or a lazy dinner night out with friends, The Summerhouse will guarantee you a gastronomic journey with a focus on ingredients sourced directly from farms in Singapore and beyond.


1. Home away from home

A welcoming respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life, The Summerhouse is set in a picturesque rolling landscape which almost feels like an English countryside (who needs a 12 hour flight to London when you have this right around the corner?). Upon arriving at the premises, you’ll probably need a second to adjust to the vastness of the site. Spacious and undoubtedly calming, we felt right at home the instant we stepped through the doors.



2. Farm-to-table principle

Chef Florian Ridder’s nature-inspired menu comes straight from the land and sea to the plate. Whether it’s food from The Summerhouse’s edible garden (!) or local farmers, his cooking is heavily inspired from the best of seasonal harvests. The outstanding flavours that these fresh ingredients impart to his dishes are key in making them so deliciously memorable.


3. The must try dish at The Summerhouse

Picking a favourite dish from Chef Florian’s many amazing creations couldn’t have been more difficult, but it’s definitely worth noting that his Buckwheat porridge was one of our top faves!

Inspired by Chef Florian’s childhood experiences growing up in Germany, this warm bowl of creamy comfort is served with a sprinkling of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, topped with herbs from the edible garden, and garnished with parmesan wafers for an extra piquant touch (we were sold as soon as he told us about the parmesan wafers!).


4. A sandwich-lover’s paradise

Trust us when we say you’re making a big mistake if you think you can give the sandwiches at Wildseed a miss! While the menu changes seasonally, you can trust that quality ingredients are used to make these bad boys and the flavours are a full on 10/10. Did we mention that they come in hefty servings too? And we still couldn’t get enough!


5. Classic cocktails, reinvented

From the nimble mind (and hands) of Wildseed Bar’s resident mixologist Yadhaven Santheran comes unique concoctions such as the classic Singapore Sling recreated as a ‘Beetroot Hibiscus Sling’, and the well-loved Dark & Stormy but with a twist.

The Dark & Stormy is poured at the table from a glass bottle filled with smoke, which gives this rendition its signature smokiness – the presentation alone left us in awe!

The whisky goes down smooth, followed by soft hints of the ginger beer, cinnamon and orange peel. Don’t be surprised if you end up finishing at least two of these!


6. A dessert party worth coming back for

Whipping up crowd-favourites with innovative twists, pastry chef Jasmin Chew’s array of desserts and cakes are as charming as they are mouthwatering. Her most renowned creation is the Ginger Flower Banana Loaf which is deliciously moist and fragrant.

Other favourites include the Pea Flower Muffin – a whimsically-coloured pastry with a Gula Melaka and desiccated coconut filling. The soft turquoise colour of the muffin and the enticing aroma of the coconut are enough to convince us that this could be one of the best desserts of 2017 – totally worth breaking our new year’s resolutions for!


7. Fresh roasts & vibrant blooms at Wildseed

Don’t just take our word for it – try one of the best cups of coffee in Singapore, brewed from beans roasted on site from its partner coffee roaster, Nomad the Gallant. With a range of brews available at Wildseed, it’s not difficult to see why coffee enthusiasts have already dubbed this space as one of their favourite spots to enjoy a nice cuppa. Fresh seasonal blooms are also available from their partner florist, Poppy Flora Studio, located within the café. Wildseed has yet to accept reservations, so we’d recommend getting there early to save yourself a spot!

Find it at 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387
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