6 Asian Restaurants, with a Modern Twist!

Tired of Yardbird, but want a quick fix of classic Asian cuisine with a modern take? Worry not! Here’s a list of six up-and-coming restaurants that we love, popping up all over town. From a modern take on traditional Vietnamese cuisine to a contemporary twist on Taiwanese classics, we have you covered!


Mrs. Pound

Nestled in an old stamp shop, Mrs. Pound is one of the coolest restaurants around! It’s easy to walk right past the green / white storefront – unless you have a particular interest in stamps. (We’re not judging.) What sets Mrs. Pound apart however, is its playful take on Asian street food. One dish worth trying out is the Sriracha Street Corn – a chunk of juicy grilled corn, dressed up with pecorino cheese, and rubbed up with spicy sriracha spicy mayo. So delicious! Don’t also forget Mrs. Pound’s signature Rendang Bao, an incredible melt-in-the-mouth bao plumped up with smoldering char siu sauce.

Dishes We Love: Sriracha Street Corn, Rendang Bao, Avocado Fries

Find it at G/F, 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan
Click here for more info on Mrs. Pound


Dragon Noodles Academy

A perennial Chope favourite, Dragon Noodles Academy offers the best of fun, quality contemporary-classic Canto classics, but with a modern twist. Most of the cool dishes worth trying out are on their dinner menu, including Peking Duck, Fried Rice and Whole Fish, which is braised in several mouthwatering ways. The afternoon tea menu also has a few dishes to nosh on – Sous Vide Chiz Rolls, pseudo-sushi rolls made with boneless chicken, and Berry Winter Melon, resembling none other than mini melons! One final ‘don’t miss’ item – the 12-hour Sous Vide US Bone-in Short Ribs. The slices of beef are incredibly tender, juicy and are packed full of flavour!

Savvy Saver Tip: Dragon Noodles’ lunch menu offers great value, with mains starting at only $79

Dishes We Love: Homemade Duck Foie Gras, Classic Lobster Bisque, Rib-eye Steak

Find it at Shop No. G04, G/F, Man Yee Arcade, Man Yee Building, No. 68 Des Voeux Road, Central
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Chom Chom

Chom Chom brings Vietnam’s lively Bia Hoi tradition of sipping fresh beer on busy street corners to Hong Kong. With a menu inspired by classic Hanoi street fare, paired with regional Vietnamese beers, it’s one of the coolest takes on traditional Vietnamese cuisine in a modern setting.

Head directly to their Large Plates menu, and be sure to try out Shaking Beef (juicy beef tenderloin, paired with rocket and tomato salad) as well as their low-carb Short Rib Lettuce Wraps. The wraps are full of juicy braised short ribs, and have a kick thanks to a mix of spring onion and diced red chili peppers.

Dishes We Love: Shaking Beef, Short Rib Lettuce Wraps, Bun Cha Pork Skewer

Find it at G/F Block A, No. 58 – 60, Peel St., Central
Click here for more info on Chom Chom


4FUN by Check-In Taipei

Taiwanese puh-leez! We love Check-In Taipei and the street food memories it evokes every time we visit. Unlike traditional Taiwanese food, which isn’t the most photogenic, Check-In Taipei’s dishes are truly Instagram-worthy, and delicious at the same time. What a great combo!

We love their crispy Chicken & Waffles sliders, which are seasoned with chunks of crunchy garlic, tangy ginger and five-spice powder, as well as C.I.T. Noodles, based off of a traditional Taiwanese pork rice dish.  Truly a fun, new twist on a Taiwanese classic!

Dishes We Love: Ping Pong, Chicken & Waffles, Flaming Beef Shortrib

Find it at G/F, 27 Hollywood Rd., Central
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Little Bao

Little Bao combines the best of sharing – food and cultures. Influenced by international tastes of its hometown Hong Kong, Little Bao serves up an original take on classic comfort foods that we’ve all grown to love.

Much of Little Bao’s menus consist of small plates that encourage sharing, along with some seasonal specials. Dishes that we currently obsess over include their four baos on tap: Pork Belly Bao, Chicken Bao, Fish Tempura Bao and Mushroom Bao. Aside from their signature baos, be sure to try on their sumptuous sides – Orange Chicken, Eggplant & Shiso Pork Tempura. The former is coated with sweet and salty batter, and has an orangey, zesty kick to it. The latter, well, it’s hella tasty! That’s all we can say.

Be prepared for an authentic (and fun) cross-cultural eating experience for all!

Dishes We Love: Fish Tempura Bao, Pickled Mushroom Salad, Orange Chicken

Find it at 66 Staunton St., SoHo
Click here for more info on Little Bao



Who can forget the decadent Instagram-able dishes at YUM CHA? The dishes are a perfect take on traditional Chinese fare – with much more sophisticated flavours to boot. We love their adorable Hot Custard Bun (oozy buns filled to the top, with cute lil’ eyeballs). Some of their main dishes are also Instagram-worthy. Their Egg White and Seafood Fried Rice and the Organic Kale with Garlic are sure not to miss as well. Be sure to head over to YUM CHA, for a great, modern take on traditional Chinese dishes!

Dishes We Love: Piggy BBQ Bun, Hot Custard Bun, Egg White and Seafood Fried Rice

Find it at Shop 1 – 2, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Rd., Central
Book a table at YUM CHA and earn 2X Chope-Dollars with code TASTYBLOG

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