14 Worst Things to Happen on a Date

Ahh, Valentine’s Day – that one day of the year where couples go all out to impress one another in a battle of public declaration of love. However, not everyone’s experience is the fairytale it’s cut out to be!

We’ve rounded up some of the worst things that have happened on dates; although the names have been changed for privacy, these are #TrueStories that have happened to real people!

Here are our top 14:

1. Taking the easy way out (OUCH!)

“I met up with a guy for a date. After we sat down, he said he’d needed to withdraw cash. He left and never came back after that.” – Nikayla


2. Too soon, too soon.

“I was on a date with this amazing guy and it was going really well. Then he asked me to take off my shoes while we were sitting along the Singapore river. I thought maybe he wanted us to dip our toes in the water. He checked out my toes and said he wanted to suck on them – he had a foot fetish.” – Durga


3. This disaster.

“When you get to know a girl on the first date and she hits all of your checklist before she turns to you and says ‘What if I tell you the truth about religion, and how my faith is true and yours is fake!'” – Rajesh


4. That awkward moment when…

“You offer to pay the bill and the guy politely accepts. After you are done paying he accidentally says ‘thanks mum.'” – Carol


5. The PETA Crusader

“When you go out with the most perfect guy only to find out he will not take you out anymore unless you become a vegetarian – because ‘Meat is murder’.” – Lorraine


6. When it gets so boring that even toilets are more interesting

“I ended up talking about toilets with one guy for 45 minutes on our first and last date.” – Marissa


7. The moment you know you better drop him like he’s hot (because he isn’t)

“One time we were out and he (ex-boyfriend) bumped into his ex. He spent the rest of the date on his phone texting her and catching up.” – Shalini


8. When you can’t help but feel bad for the guy…

“Dining at an alfresco restaurant and a bird shat in his food.” – Shantini


9. We can’t believe this dude, either.

“He showed up 40 mins late, ordered a main, drink and dessert. I only had a soup. He asked to go Dutch and I’d agreed so as to not make a scene. Before leaving he asked me for 20 bucks for his cab ride here because ‘I would have actually taken a train to meet you but because you were already here, I had to cab.'” – Charlene


10. Let’s not even go there.

“Our date was going smoothly at first, but then he started insisting that we head to this hotel nearby because his MUM had a room there.” – Nikki


11. We don’t want no scrub.

“He made such a big deal out of bringing me to this extremely posh restaurant. When it was time to pay, he *conveniently* realized he forgot to bring his wallet and I ended up having to pay for everything (which were all extremely expensive dishes he insisted on ordering).” – Jo


12. How about YOU eat some makeup?

“The first thing he said to me on our first (and last) date: You need more makeup.” – Gabrielle


13. Hold your horses, honey.

“Had a first date with a guy, and by the end of the night he asked me if I wanted to go home with him… to meet his parents and get their approval for marriage.” – Felicia


14. Something smells fishy about this date.

“This girl shared a fun fact on our first date about how farts can fight dementia. She then asked if she could smell mine.” – K


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