Where to Eat in the East Coast

Singapore may be a tiny city-state with not much land to speak of, but that hasn’t stopped locals from engaging in endless debates on where the best food is to be found on the island – West Coast or East Coast?

The most diplomatic answer is, of course, that we Singaporeans are blessed with mouthwatering food no matter which side of the divide you happen to be on. To prove it, we’ve brought you some of the best eats in the East Coast, from Katong to Joo Chiat and beyond.

Katong Kitchen

Out with a group of friends but no one can decide on where to eat? Katong Kitchen’s wide variety of Asian and Western cuisine will put an end to that! Familiar favourites are given an upscale twist, such as the Beef Hor Fun with Grass-Fed Ribeye and Village Lobster Laksa made with with Boston lobster, cockles and a quail egg in spicy coconut broth. While it’s difficult to say no to local food, sometimes a thick, juicy Grilled Lamb T-Bone Shortloin with truffle fries, sweet young carrots and asparagus hits the spot.

Dishes We Love: Village Lobster Laksa, Beef Hor Fun, Pan-Fried Norwegian Salmon, Grilled Lamb T-Bone, Nonya Ngo Hiang, Deep Sea King Prawn Hokkien Mee

Find it at 25 Marine Parade Road, Village Hotel Katong Level 4, Singapore 449536
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Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant

Blending Portuguese cooking with Indian and Malaysian dishes, Quentin’s churns out tasty hits like Porku Tambreyno, pork sambal with fried pork slices, dried chili, candlenuts and lime juice, and Cambarang Curry Nanas which is a sweet and sour curry made with a unique combination of pineapple and prawns. Try the Curry Debal if you dare – a super-hot curry named after the devil himself, made with bacon bones, chicken cocktails, potatoes, onion, ginger, cabbage and cucumber and A LOT of chili.

Dishes We Love: Porku Tambreyno, Curry Debal, Cambarang Curry Nanas, Roasted Porku, Retu Tinta Choka

Find it at 139 Ceylon Road, Eurasian Community House, Singapore 429744
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Bird Bird Steak & Eggs.jpgbird-bird-birdhouse-special

Bird Bird

Despite its moniker, no one can deny that this cheekily-named eatery perfectly sums up the casual vibe and sinfully indulgent chicken-based offerings. Their crispy, juicy buttermilk fried chicken is not to be missed, so order a Birdhouse Special and try it with cornbread waffle, coleslaw and chunky mash and thick gravy (what diet?). Treat yourself to a side of Truffle Cheese Curly Fries made with black truffle mayo and grana padano cheese to round off your meal – potatoes are vegetables aren’t they?

Dishes We Love: Birdhouse Special, Truffle Cheese Curly Fries, Yuzu Crab Pate, Steak and Eggs, Durian Softie Pie

Find it at 97 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458222
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Al Forno Italian Restaurant

Craving authentic Italian fare but can’t afford a ticket to have the real deal in Italy? Fret not – at Al Forno, the best of Italian cuisine is now available for those living in the East side. Tuck into the Spaghetti Cartoccio and savour succulent seafood morsels and olives in zesty tomato sauce ladled over freshly made spaghetti. To experience the best of Naples, share with a classic Pizza Bufala with a friend: handmade pizza with tomato sauce, buffalo cheese and fresh basil are prepared in a traditional wood fire oven for best results.

Dishes We Love: Pizza Bufala, Spaghetti Cartoccio, Gnocchi Al Formaggi, Risotto Al Funghi, Pizza Al Formaggi, Capricciosa

Find it at 400 East Coast Road, Le Peranakan Hotel, Singapore 428996
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Rabbit Carrot Gun

You don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re on holiday: at Rabbit Carrot Gun, they offer boutique accommodation along with delicious Western grub for the perfect staycation package. Teaming up with Chef Andy Hearnden, new creations such as as the Koo Koo Ka Choo will surely indulge guests – potato hash is given a lavish blanket of mushroom fricassee and Gruyere cheese, topped with poached eggs, truffle and herb. The Open Faced Steak Sandwich maintains as a crowd-favourite – sirloin steak is cooked to a medium rare perfection, drizzled with veal jus and placed atop freshly toasted sourdough. For a refreshing touch, the sandwich is served with pickled beet, carrot, and smoked onion.

Dishes We Love: Koo Koo Ka Choo, Avocado Smash, Wild Organic Porridge, Rabbits Greens, Open Faced Steak Sandwich

Find it at 47–49 East Coast Road, Singapore 428768
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ZKEC Interior.JPGzkec-butter-chicken

Zaffron Kitchen

Competition for Indian food in Singapore is fierce but Zaffron Kitchen stole our hearts with its simple and scrumptious menu. After all, who doesn’t love a crispy, spicy Samosa? The Butter Chicken Curry is another hot favourite; tender chicken pieces are simmered in a spicy, zesty tomato sauce with creamy yoghurt and earthy cashew nuts for richer and more complex flavours. Don’t forget to order a side of pillowy Naan to mop up every last drop of that delicious gravy at the end of the meal.

Dishes We Love: Samosa, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Malai Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Gobi, Chicken Saag, Garlic Naan

Find it at 135-137 East Coast Road, Singapore 428820
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Sinpopo Interior - 2.jpgpandan-souffle


Sinpopo is set to impress with its blast-from-the-past vintage décor and traditional local dishes with modern touches. A meal here makes you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time to 1960s Katong! Nasi Lemak is an evergreen classic but we bet your grandparents didn’t have Sinpopo’s Sliced Wagyu Horfun back in the day! This dish sees traditional beef horfun with succulent wagyu beef slices on a bed of horfun noodles and savoury broth. Since Sinpopo is the brainchild of those clever minds behind Awfully Chocolate, you can’t miss the decadent desserts – a rich, chocolatey Horlicks and Maltesers milkshake is the best way to beat the heat!

Dishes We Love: Sinpopo Sliced Wagu Horfun, Ma Ling Luncheon Crisps, Har Jeong Kai Burger, Chilled Pandan Soufflé, Horlicks & Maltesers Shake, Milo Dinosaur Shake

Find it at 458 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427671
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Carvers and Co.

The perfect joint for fellow carnivores, Carvers and Co. specialises in roast meat, fried meat, and well, all sort of meat! A breakfast of Pulled Pork and Waffle is not a familiar combination to locals, but who could resist when you’re presented with tender sous vide pulled pork which was marinated overnight, served on top of crispy waffles with Sriracha sauce and sunny side up eggs? Likewise, only the strong-willed can refuse the Bombass Beer Beef Short Ribs: thick beef short ribs marinated in Trappist dark ale and slow cooked for 24 hours, served together with its own rich beer flavoured gravy and creamy mash. So. Much. Yes!

Dishes We Love: Pulled Pork Waffle, Bombass Beer Beef Short Ribs, Gammon Ham and Cheese Muffin, Bone-In Prime Rib, Red Wine Pulled Pork Pasta

Find it at 43 East Coast Road, Singapore 428764
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