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You may be slightly intimidated by her cool and effortlessly chic demeanor, but rest assured, the beautiful Instagrammer and lifestyle blogger Katie (@KatePurk on Instagram) is incredibly sweet (unlike her taste in food!), and her love for local dishes is definitely something we can all relate to. She has kindly agreed to sit down with me this week for a little chat, and to give us some of her food recommendations!

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RL: Hi, thanks for meeting me! Let’s kick-start this with a simple question: what is your ultimate comfort food?

Fries are my ultimate guilty pleasure! I love the standard ones from McDonalds – I think they make the crispiest, perfectly golden-brown variety – but Nosh is my go-to place to get amazing truffle fries. I also love chicken wings, and my favourite ones are the BBQ wings from Newton Food Centre! The best (and only) way to eat them is with lime and chili sauce.

RL: God, truffle fries and BBQ wings really are the best. Pretty standard fare though – what would you say is the weirdest food item you like?

Chicken’s feet! I love how chewy they are, and their jelly-like consistency. I also love pig’s trotters, hum (cockles) and pig intestines. [Editor’s note – if you’re interested in finding out if chicken’s feet really makes you look younger check out our post to get the facts.]

RL: Woah, that’s intense! What about desserts? Are you a salty or sweet kinda girl?

Salty, for sure. If I have to have sweet desserts I’ll definitely go for the Asian variety – stuff that’s fruity and refreshing. I like making cupcakes and macarons but I don’t like eating them all that much! It’s just too much cream and everything’s too gao (thick and overwhelming) for my liking.  I don’t remember the exact name of it, but I really love dessert no. 66 on Honeymoon Dessert’s menu!

(I checked that for you guys – it’s the Double Boiled Milk with Baked Walnuts & Almonds)

RL: You clearly have a soft spot for Asian food. What would you say are your favourite restaurants or cafes in Singapore?

I LOVE BUFFETS. Triple Three at Mandarin Hotel is my favourite! They have a wide assortment of fresh seafood, and most importantly oysters and sashimi. I’m a very aunty sort of eater, I just eat as much of the expensive stuff I can stomach. I also love the steaks at Meat n’ Chill.


RL: In that case, if you could only eat one thing forever, what would it be? Something expensive?

I’ll definitely have to be something healthy and covers all food groups – so ginseng chicken soup with rice, but with spinach cooked in it! I love veggies in general – I try to eat them everyday. My mum or grandmother stir fries spinach with olive oil with ikan bilis (anchovies) for me before I leave the house and I just gobble everything down to kick-start my day. So delicious, easy to eat and so good for you!

RL: Hmm, I’ll have to try adding spinach to my next bowl of chicken soup. So what’s the best meal you’ve ever had in your life? Is it something spinach-related as well?

Ha, while I love spinach it didn’t make my top meal of all time! This may sound weird, but the best meal I’ve had was at Vatos Urban Tacos in Seoul. It’s Korean-Mexican food and it’s SO GOOD. I was with my boyfriend and it was freezing in November, and nothing warmed us up like these tacos did. They’re delicious and the queue was so long, there was even a waiting room for people so they didn’t have to stand in the cold.

(P.S. There’s also a Vatos Urban Tacos branch in Singapore if you want to try it out!) Try my personal favorite, the Kimchi Carnitas Fries!

RL: So, who would you say is the best cook in your family?

I AM THE BEST COOK IN MY FAMILY. I make really fancy dishes that I learn from cookbooks or recipes online, but I only prepare them when my boyfriend’s over for dinner as I make very rich food, like stuff drenched in salted egg yolk, for example. I usually make him brown rice and Thai basil chicken, and I even got him to like spinach!

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RL: Impressive! Does he ever return the favour?

I got him to cook me chicken breast once and he randomly whipped something up with cheese and a bunch of other ingredients. It was actually really good, but he doesn’t know how to replicate it! He can only really cook maggi mee, but that’s okay!

RL: I love that confidence, he’s really lucky to have you! What else would  you like your followers to know about you?

– I have three dogs (a Jack Russell, a Maltese and a Poodle mix), a rabbit and a bird.
– I’m big on interior design, I designed the current flat my family’s staying in!
– My biggest pet peeve is when people sit on my bed in their dirty clothes – the stuff they’ve already worn out. There’s dirt and germs on your clothes, don’t transfer that to my bed!
– I used to work at Matt’s The Chocolate Shop so I know how to treat service staff.
– I hate it when people just think I’m sexy, I’m much more than that.
– Bangkok is like a second home to me, I love everything about it!

Interested in visiting some of the places that Katie has recommended? Here’s where to find them:

Find it at 9 Rochester Park, 139220
Book a table at Nosh and earn 2X Chope-Dollars with the code TASTYBLOG

Honeymoon Dessert
Find it at 200 Victoria St, 70 Bugis Junction, 188021
Click here for more info on Honeymoon Dessert

Triple Three at Mandarin Hotel
333 Orchard Road Level 5, Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore, 238867
Book a table at Triple Three and earn 2X Chope-Dollars with the code TASTYBLOG

Meat n’ Chill
Find it at 805 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-04 6th Avenue Centre, 279883
Click here for more info on Meat n’ Chill

Vatos Urban Tacos
Find it at 36 Beach Road, #01-03, 189766
Book a table at Vatos Urban Tacos and earn 2X Chope-Dollars with the code TASTYBLOG

Matt’s The Chocolate Shop
44 Amoy St, Singapore 069868
Click here for more info on Matt’s The Chocolate Shop

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