Best Pork Dish Ever? Naughty Nuri’s Ribs Will Turn Even an Ardent Vegetarian Carnivorous!

DC2016 Main Logo_main logoIf you’ve been to Ubud, Bali, you’ll have heard of Naughty Nuri’s. The restaurant’s branch at Capitol Piazza brings their authentic local dishes to our shores, along with their brand of “warung”-style cooking. And if you weren’t already a fan of Indonesian cuisine, this promises a dining experience to whet your appetite.

They’re known for their piquant barbecued pork ribs, which are absolutely irresistible once you catch a whiff of the flavoursome glaze! We joined the team in the kitchen to see how they prepare this signature dish, and more.

Pork Ribs


First the St. Louis pork ribs are sliced into thick portions of 3-4 rib lengths.


The ribs are then immersed in a huge metal container containing pineapples, onions, bay leaf, pepper, and salt. The chef then pours in enough water over to cover the ribs.


The entire container is wrapped up and placed into the oven to cook for 2 whole hours, sealing each individual flavour in the ribs even before they hit the grill.


After 2 hours, it’s time for some grill action – the strong flames licking up the side of the ribs imparts a uniquely smokey flavour.


Each slab of ribs is then generously brushed with a rich marinade before the cooking continues – a top secret recipe that’s specially imported all the way from Bali!


A quick final brush gives it the finishing touch.


Sometimes a simple presentation is best: the chef stacks the ribs, glistening with its sticky glaze, atop a banana leaf.


Look at that fork-tender meat falling right off the bone! Truly the stuff of carnivorous dreams.

Nasi Goreng


The second dish is the Indonesian classic, Nasi Goreng! The chef heats up a quick drizzle of oil and tosses the first set of vegetables in, flames dancing in the wok.


Next to join the medley are some finely-chopped onions.


After the rice is added to the mix, a liberal dose of kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) is the final touch before the chef stir-fries the entire mixture.


For the accompaniments, the chef turns to the grill once again, deftly preparing juicy sticks of chicken satay.

The familiar fragrance of these two dishes had us tucking in to the comfort food with gusto. The nasi goreng, for only $12, comes laden with a fried egg and sticks of satay, the peanut sauce lending a roasted, nutty edge that complements the grilled chicken perfectly. The fluffy rice absorbed not just the full-bodied depth of the kecap manis, but also the quintessential wok hei flavour from the charred wok. Rice may seem like a simple accompaniment, but we couldn’t help taking bite after toothsome bite!

Meanwhile, the hearty ribs dish, at just $24.90 for a half-rack, presents an interplay of flavours that invites your taste buds on an adventure. The secret marinade stood out with its savoury, slightly tangy note, and added to our appreciation of the pork’s full-bodied flavour. Not to forget the hint of lime, which made each forkful of ribs so refreshingly delectable. You could share—but we guarantee you probably wouldn’t want to.

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