How to Dine Like a Celebrity (Even if You Aren’t One)!

Foodies, start your engines ’cause American Express has a treat for you with its Love Dining Celebrity Edition! Four celebrity influencers are each paired with chefs from leading Singapore hotels to create some truly toothsome dining experiences. Try Pornsak’s Crabmeat with Pomelo, or Jeanette Aw’s unique twist on a Baked Lava Cake from now till 3rd May and you won’t be disappointed. Hope you’re hungry because there’s some great nosh to be had.

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“Dear Memory”
Pornsak & The Line, Shangri La Hotel, Singapore

One of Singapore’s favourite actors Pornsak teams up with Chef Davian of The Line to curate a nostalgic Thai-inspired menu that evokes memories of his mother and their moments together. This exclusive menu is available only on Mondays and Wednesdays as part of the lunch and dinner buffet, and it’s well worth it. Each dish whets your appetite more for the next, and the flavours of Thailand shine through with every course!

The Crabmeat with Pomelo is a welcoming starter; fresh and sweet chunks of Sri Lankan crab and refreshing, pithy pomelo pieces are tossed with mesclun salad, served with a spicy, tangy dressing that’s quintessentially Thai. Crispy popiah skin is served alongside the salad, adding a satisfying crunch to finish off. The velvety-smooth Curry Seafood Velouté is reminiscent of bisque that’s packed with flavour. Generous portions of seafood come together beautifully with root vegetables which give the soup texture. Appetising and comforting with just the right amount of kick, it’s a heart-warming substitute for (dare we say it) tom yum!

The dessert is also given a touch of Thai: the Soursop and Raspberry Pudding is surprisingly mellow in tartness, but the unique flavour of soursop adds a whole new dimension to the summer berry compote and raspberry crystal jelly. This one’s fruity and refreshing, and it’ll make you feel as though you’re sipping on an ice cold smoothie at a beach resort in Phuket.

Find it at 22 Orange Grove Road, Lower Lobby, Tower Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore 258350
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“An Oriental-Peranakan Fairy Tale”
Jeanette Aw & Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Everyone’s favourite Little Nonya star Jeanette Aw draws inspiration from her Peranakan lineage to pay homage to the aromatic, spicy and herbal flavours of Nonya cuisine. Teaming up with Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong of Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, the menu curated through this collaboration is both whimsical and visually-appealing.

First up on their Peranakan menu is a Double-boiled Salted Preserved Vegetable soup with duck and bird’s nest dumpling. Delicate and gentle in appearance as it is in taste, we find this light soup comforting with every mouthful! On the other hand, we can’t help but be beckoned by the visually vibrant Braised Chicken with Buah Keluak. The vibrant blue fried rice is light and the taste of scallops shine through, and this goes extremely well with the tender braised chicken. The Buah Keluak also adds a whole new depth of flavour to the chicken! It’s unlike anything we’ve ever had.

The dessert on this menu comes with a delightful Peranakan twist. Gula Melaka, a quintessential Peranakan ingredient, is the main highlight of the Baked Lava Cake. Robust in flavour with just the right about of sweetness, the Baked Lava Cake is a welcoming end to the meal!

Find it at 320 Orchard Road, Level 3, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865
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3 Spaghetti, vongole e sakeSt. Regis 1.1

“East Meets West: Purity”
Lennard Yeong & LaBrezza, The St. Regis Singapore

Avid home cook and former Masterchef Asia contestant Lennard Yeong pairs with Chef Armando of LaBrezza to create a menu with two of the most sought after cuisines from the East and the West in a delicate fusion of Japanese and Italian.

Impressing us right off the bat was the Tonno, Alghe & Bonito – where Chef Armando whips up a dish of yellowfin tuna tartare with wakame salad, bonito flakes and bonito-soy sauce. The marriage of flavours from the tuna, wakame seaweed, and bonito evoke flavours of the sea. Equally as impressive is the Tagliata di Manzo, Soia & Sesamo, where 120 days Grain Fed Angus Beef Striploin is cooked to a perfect medium, served with fresh salad blanketed over with shaved parmesan and a Japanese soy and sesame dressing.

As for dessert, Lennard and Chef Armando gives a Japanese spin on everyone’s favourite Italian dessert: The Savoiardi Al Thé Verde & Mascarpon sees Matcha ladyfinger biscuits soaked in Green Tea Syrup, with Mascarpone Mousse, Sakura gel, and Macaron. The flavours were mellow and earthy, which was a great end to a meat-heavy feast!

Find it at 29 Tanglin Road, Level 2, The St. Regis Singapore, Singapore 247911
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“Your World, Your Colours”
Janice Wong & SKIRT, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

Nobody transforms food into edible art quite like Janice Wong does, and her collaboration with Chef Chris of SKIRT is breathtaking. As an artist and chef, her passion for food stems from her love of colours and this can be seen in the beautiful, almost otherworldly, dishes that she presents.

Janice & Chef Chris’ Lobster Mai Tai with smoked sweet potato paprika, lobster espuma and king prawn kataifi is a stunner. Fresh chunks of lobster are enveloped in delicate vermicelli nests, settled in a shallow pool of spiced coconut milk that imparts warmth with every bite. Packing up on flavour is the 6-Spiced SKIRT Steak with elements of mushrooms & mustard. The natural flavours shine through without overpowering the tender, beefy steak. Peppery and well spiced, this dish is phenomenal all around.

Known for her desserts, Janice’s culinary prowess dazzled us in the form of Rhubarb & Pistachio that looks too pretty to eat. The dish is delicate and feminine, with tart Rhubarb Compote and floral Champagne Rose Jelly perched on top of a mellow, pastel green pistachio custard base. A bite had us transported to springtime in Japan – if that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is!

Find it at 21 Ocean Way, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098374
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