The Carvery: A Meat Lover’s Paradise

Outside View

The Carvery sits on the 7th floor of Park Hotel Alexandra and offers spectacular, unparalleled views of the lush greenery of the Southern Ridges, as well as of the beautifully intricate Interlace Condominium (which won World Building of the Year 2015) – be sure to sit back and relax at their poolside al fresco dining area, which is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy all their delectable cuts of meat on offer!

Meat takes the center stage in this buffet, as there are usually 3-4 meat options available for lunch and dinner, respectively. They’re slow-roasted to perfection and carved by Chef Robert right in front of your eyes, and served alongside a large variety of intriguing condiments to complement all the luscious roasts they have on display.


Their Australian beef prime rib is dry aged in-house, slow roasted for about 8 hours, and served medium rare for a beautifully moist and tender finish. It’s then perfectly paired with flaky Maldon sea salt for a bit of texture, a delicate red wine jus if you’re more of a traditionalist, or anchovy butter for an umami twist! I had mine with a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt and anchovy butter and it felt like I just died and went to roast beef heaven. Even looking at this gif is making my mouth water at the memory! The beef was succulent, juicy, and full of beefy flavour, made even better with the hint of umami flavour. Delish!


Not a fan of red meat? Fret not, their Rotisserie Chicken is also a hot favourite – the entire chicken (bones and all!) is marinated in fresh herbs, carrots, onions, celery, and bay leaves for 10-12 hours before being roasted on a spit in the rotisserie – rendering succulent, tender meat that falls off the bone. Pro tip: it’s best paired with either chili sea salt for a mildly spicy kick, chicken gravy (for obvious reasons), or truffle butter! I had mine with a sprinkle of black lava salt (it contains remnants of activated charcoal) and a generous helping of truffle butter for a fragrant, earthy kick that had me going back for more!

SpreadCheese Plate

The roasts take centre stage in this buffet; the other dishes are usually on rotation, and are made up of items that complement the different meats they have on offer – like Yorkshire Pudding, Baked Portobello, Roasted Butternut Squash, Honeyed Beetroot, Saffron Rice, Cassoulet, Beef Bourguignon, Coq au Vin, and Chocolate Beef Stew (don’t be put off by how strange it sounds, it’s actually really delicious)! There’s also a salad counter, seafood section (with goodies like Chilled Tiger Prawns, Canadian Black Mussels and Freshly Shucked Oysters – only available during dinner!) and a wide assortment of cheese to suit your palate.


If your meal isn’t complete without carbs, grab some freshly baked bread, a slice of pizza fresh out of the oven, or your choice of spaghetti, farfalle or linguini, cooked in pomodoro (tomato sauce) or aglio olio (oil and garlic), prepared a la minute!


What better way to top off a meal than with dessert? Their classic English Trifle is incredibly luscious – creamy custard between layers of Bailey’s soaked sponge cake and a generous portion of fresh fruits and berries; basically heaven in a bowl. There’s also a Crème Brûlée that’s to die for, and a seriously luxurious, decadent, chocolate mousse named ‘Harry’s Choice’. Don’t miss it!

Find it at 323 Alexandra Road, Level 7, Park Hotel Alexandra, 159972
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