#takeyourmumout this Mother’s Day!

How many times have we flopped down on the couch after a long day at work or school, whining about how tired we are, while waiting for our mums to whip up dinner? Now imagine having to prepare a meal for an entire family after a day of working your butt off… And I don’t know about you, but that sounds like straight up torture to me. 

Chope is paying homage to all the incredible, sacrificial mums out there this Mother’s Day by getting three participants to put together something nice for their mum – and what better way to do so than with her guidance?

Here are the three adorable duos that joined us at CulinaryOn:


Kelly is a busy mum-slash-businesswoman – she’s the person in charge of Mellben Seafood (impressive, right?) Rachel…Well, she doesn’t cook at all. This is her first ever attempt, apart from the Home Economics classes she had to take in Secondary School, and it didn’t go as badly as anticipated (despite the slightly burnt garlic). Mum was proud either way – her daughter has skill!


Agnes is sassy and adorable, and says that her fitness-trainer son Moses cooks up a mean Oxtail Stew that turned her into a beef lover. It’s his very first time cooking beehoon, and he nailed it (7.5/10 despite it being slightly dry, says mummy) – not too shabby! She’s now looking forward to enjoying more of Moses’ cooking so she can finally sit back and relax.


Cindy is one of CulinaryOn’s fantastic sous chefs, and Brandon is the sweet boy who stole all our hearts. They both baked a fantastic dark chocolate cake doused in chocolate sauce, mini marshmallows, and sprinkles (with plans to eat it with vanilla ice cream afterwards, YUM), and this was Brandon’s very first time baking! Talk about pure talent – the gift of cooking certainly runs in the family.

Interior 01Interior 07

The entire video was shot at CulinaryOn, a spacious culinary entertainment studio originating in Europe that promises a fun and exciting cooking experience – the perfect place for a birthday party for a bunch of foodies or a relaxed girls day out!

Classes are headed by professional Chefs that bring cooking to life with stories and entertaining activities, so you leave with more than just a myriad of new recipes and techniques in your repertoire; you’ll have fun-filled memories you won’t forget.

Remember to bring mummy dearest along for a memorable culinary experience!

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