SIN-ful-LEE Indulgent Meals @ Sin Lee Foods!


‘WE DO NOT SERVE AND WILL NOT SERVE LAME EGGS BENEDICTS WHATSOEVER, SO TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH AND HAVE A GO AT OUR FOOD & BEVERAGES,’ proclaims the menu of Sin Lee Foods. It’s cheeky and unabashed—an attitude that translates into some downright delicious cooking. We can attest that the aforementioned leap of faith will definitely pay off should you take it.  

Sin Lee Foods is hardly an unfamiliar name to any seasoned café-hopper. When they first opened their shutters, the Bukit Ho Swee hangout made a name for itself by modernizing an old-school spot – they even preserved the original signboard! Boasting a retro logo, bold cuisine, and an Instagram-worthy space, they became instantly recognizable.

SLF Beef Bulgogi, Mantou & Cinema Cheese (2)

Recently, in the spirit of reinvention, they’ve launched a new menu and we just can’t get enough of it. One standout is the Beef Bulgogi, Mantou & Cinema Cheese ($23), which features tender chunks of meat, crunchy crackers, pillowy mantou—and the best part: flowy cinema-style cheese oozing over the bulgogi that’ll bring back youthful memories of sneaking steaming bites of nachos in the movie theater! And boy, has our childhood indulgence grown up.


Think Duck and Duck ($26) sounds simple? Think again. It’s smoked and roasted Japanese duck, paired with melt-in-your-mouth foie gras caramelized in a pan, served with accoutrements like steamed rice, housemade sesame sauce, and a runny fried egg. Deceptively simple, but ultimately delicious indeed!

Other notable dishes like Beef & Grains ($25) are equally luxurious: you’ll enjoy a solid 180 grams of deliciously marbled striploin served over wet orzo ‘rice’, a runny egg, ginger, and furikake & scallions for that extra umami touch. It’s undoubtedly creative fusion dishes like this that have kept us hooked and coming back for more.


Their weekday special menu is also a can’t-miss. Fast food chains got nothin’ on their burgers—Sin Lee hopped right onto the salted egg yolk bandwagon with this stunner of a dish. Whole chicken thigh, fried to crisp perfection, is slathered with creamy, umami salted egg sauce and served on a bun. The second burger offering will make you salivate too: tender catfish fillet, breaded and fried, then topped with mentaiko cream sauce and ebiko roe that positively pops in your mouth. It’s an ambitious blend of Southern cuisine and Japanese-influenced cooking, dished up in a single explosive fusion.

Calrose Rice Bowls are yet another addition to tantalise your tastebuds. With an inventive range of toppings from Salmon & Tuna Wasabi Poke to Korean Rubbed Chicken Thigh, these new bowls are a steal for under $15 each.


But don’t fret, their crowd favourites are still around. Since its inception, Sin Lee’s Aburi Broccoli Salad ($13) has occupied a place in our hearts, and thankfully we can still indulge. Smoky torched broccoli florets drizzled with white balsamic, papadum, and red sugar may sound funky, but it’s a truly genius combination. Who said vegetables couldn’t be addictive?


And don’t forget the Fried Chicken & Waffles ($21.90) that catapulted them to foodie fame: marinated in har jiong and drizzled with melted maple butter and sesame gomae slaw, this fried chicken comes tenderly nestled upon crisp waffles straight from the iron cast.

Pair it with a Swedish craft cider ($15) or an adventurous Banana Horlicks Smoothie ($9), and you got yourself some good ol’ comfort vibes. See you there!

Find it at Blk 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, #01-164, 162004
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