Sunday Folks – Savour Some Spring Specials!

Since its opening in 2014, Sunday Folks has taken the ice-cream-and-waffles trend by storm, serving up plate after plate of their signature waffles and silky smooth ice cream to hordes of hungry, sweet-toothed customers.

And if you’re wondering why the waffles at Sunday Folks taste similar to the ones sold at Creamier, then you won’t be surprised to learn they’re sister companies! Co-founded by Executive Chef Audrey Wang, both brands have garnered accolades for serving up quality, handcrafted desserts and premium ice cream.


Of the many flavours of ice cream sold at Sunday Folks, the two best-sellers are the Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Earl Grey Lavender. All the ice cream here is made from scratch in their on-site kitchen, using premium imported ingredients such as Italian pistachio and hazelnut pastes, and pure fruit purees. During service, the ice cream mixes are constantly topped up into their non-pressurized gravity feed churners to produce a freshly churned confection that is rich and almost dense, but not icy. With such pride and love going into every plate served, their award for Best Dessert in Chope’s Diners’ Choice Awards 2016 was 100% warranted!

Here’s something to celebrate this spring! Until 12 June 2017, Sunday Folks will be dishing up their spring menu, inspired by the magical season of growth and renewal.

Fresh from the testing kitchen is the Spring Medley, a beautifully plated dessert featuring their limited edition Adzuki ice cream gateaux crowned with a dollop of Kuromitsu sago, paired with a globe of Hazelnut Milk Chocolate ice cream, warm black sesame financier, orange marmalade, and coconut milk foam. Garnished with Matcha soil, edible red amaranth leaves, pea tendrils, and Kogiku flower petals, it’s a true feast for the eyes and taste buds!

Moving on to the chocolates! Sunday Folks offers more than just the humdrum chocolate bars. Their chocolate bar slabs are all handmade and enrobe a wonderful range of goodies such as rose marshmallows, burnt butter Viennese cookies, roasted hazelnuts, and passionfruit apricot pâte de fruit! YUM.

Choose from a trio of chocolate slabs (left to right):

  1. 35% Azelia Hazelnut Milk Chocolate with Passionfruit Apricot Pâte de Fruit & Roasted Hazelnuts
  2. 65% Haïti Dark Chocolate with Orange Peel & Burnt Butter Viennese Cookie
  3. 34% Zephyr White Chocolate with Rose Marshmallow & Raspberries

Coffee-holics will not want to miss this their new Tiramisu Trifle. Think freshly churned Hazelnut Milk Chocolate ice cream layered with round ladyfingers sponge, mascarpone cream, and drizzled with espresso caramel sauce. To finish, the whole glorious cup is sprinkled with forked coffee jelly made from Liberty Roasters’ Speakeasy blend and THEN crowned with their Haïti Dark Chocolate slab, cocoa nibs, and dusting powder… oh my. Pssst! If you’re feeling fun, request for a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream on the side!

Make an ordinary day extra-ordinary by dropping by Sunday Folks for a refreshing treat of handcrafted, artisanal desserts. Your taste buds will thank you!

Find it at 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, #01-52, 278116

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