BBQ Tips with Meat Smith

If you’ve ever eaten at Meat Smith, you’d definitely been wowed by the glorious cuts of tender smoked meats they have on offer. Lucky for you, we got to sit down with the geniuses behind all that meaty goodness and let you in on some of their trade secrets!

Five Tips from Chef Andrew

  1. First and foremost, let’s talk about the star of the dish – the meat. This shouldn’t be compromised and for a good reason: when you sacrifice a good foundation, you’re compromising the entire operation.  So do your ‘buds a favour and don’t skimp on the premium stuff!

  2. Keep the seasoning simple – just salt and pepper will do. Good meats that are done well have beautiful, natural flavours that shouldn’t be overpowered by excessive seasoning. In fact, it’s a novice mistake to overload on complicated rubs and spices.
  3. For the smoking wood, most will work fine but do stay away from cedars due to the harsh soot it produces when burned (trust the experts, you do NOT want that getting into your meats!).
  4. Controlling temperature using the external and internal thermometer plays a vital role in obtaining a good smoke. Excessive heat renders the meat too tough, ruining a perfectly good slab.
  5. Lastly – but most importantly – let the meat rest. This is key to finishing off a good barbecue! Once the meat is done cooking, keep it wrapped and let rest in a warm place (i.e. an oven) for at least an hour. We know it’s tempting to cut into a perfectly charred piece hot off the grill…but resist, and your efforts will be well rewarded.

Smoking @ Meat Smith

For the smoking process, Chef Andrew uses Hickory Wood that’s imported from the USA. The reason for this choice? Hickory Wood is subtle when fired-up but imparts a nice, rounded smoky flavour to the meats it is used to smoke (YUM). Beef is usually smoked for 12 hours, chicken for 2 hours, and pork for 3 to 4 depending on the cut.

In the event you aren’t quite ready to fire up your own grill, head down to Meat Smith for some juicy, mouthwatering cuts prepared by the experts!


The Smoked Chicken is DELICIOUS. It’s smoked to perfection – moist and tender with well-seasoned, gently crisp skin, made even better with a drizzle of zesty Alabama white sauce and a side of pickled cucumbers, beetroot and butterhead lettuce salad to freshen up the palate.

This juicy piece of poultry may seem slightly undercooked to the uninitiated as it’s pink on the inside, but smoked chicken is meant to be pink; the nitrate in the smoke reacts with the moisture in the meat during the smoking process, rendering it pink even though it’s well-cooked through. You’re free to chow down with a peace of mind!

Annnnd before you dismiss the idea of a salad as an accompaniment to a big ole’ hunk of meat, let us just stop you right there. Meat Smith’s unassuming plate of butterhead lettuce with balsamic dressing and fresh onion slivers is much more flavourful than its humble appearance implies.. The lettuce is sweet and crisp, which helps balance out all the flavours from the heavy meats, and Balsamic dressing gives a nice, tart kick with every bite of the lettuce – each mouthful leaves you wanting more!


Next up is the Burnt Ends, an indulgent plate of beautifully smoked meats, taken from the burnt ends of Smoked Beef Brisket (hence the name). The bourbon BBQ glaze gives it a satisfyingly sticky texture and savoury-sweet flavour nicely complements the fatty meat, best enjoyed with a jalapeno pepper or two!


With every good meal comes a beverage to help wash all that yummy food down, so don’t miss their amazing sodas, which are all made in-house! Our pick is the Southern Iced Tea, which, unlike its original inspiration, is mellow and simple yet insanely refreshing. Flavoured with spices such as cardamom and cinnamon, this tall glass of beverage is light and addictive – trust us when we say that one glass isn’t going to be enough!  If lavender is your thing, go for their simple and refreshing Lavender Soda. It’s perfect in Singapore’s sweltering heat, and goes quite well with their hearty plates!

Whether you’re manning the grill or smoker yourself, or letting the masters take the helm, be sure to take the time to enjoy some grilled treats this summer. It’s hard to go wrong with such a delicious method of cooking!

Find it at 167 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore (068618)
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