Spice It Up with these 6 Restaurants in Hong Kong

It’s time to get hot under the collar with our pick of the city’s favourite hot n’ spicy restaurants. Whether you’re looking for some Sichuan staples—Ma Po Tofu, Hot and Spicy Oyster, and Braised Beef in Red Chili Soup—or some spicy barbecued goodness, these restaurants surely will surely be adding to heat this summer!

Crispy fish in spicy sauceSliced Pork with Garlic and Chili

Deng G

The best finds often appear in the most unexpected of places, and it’s hard to imagine a more accurate way of describing the brilliant Deng G. Spanning two floors, and nestled in a run-down building in the heart of Wan Chai, the interiors of this spicy haven are in stark contrast to its exterior digs. With a menu divided into flavour profiles as opposed to ingredients, Deng G’s nosh include Hot and Spicy Oyster (jet-fresh oyster with a touch of tang that tastes as good as it smells) and Diced Chicken with Chili and Cashew: succulent pieces of chicken marinated in a piquant chilli and cashew mixture. For something spicier than the usual fare, Deng G’s the place.

Find it at 2/F, Weswick Commercial Building, 147-149 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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Andy’s Chili Party

Chillies, chillies, and more chillies. Any meal at Andy’s Chili Party provides plenty of bang for your buck, especially on the spicy scale. We particularly loved the Steamed Pig’s Intestines with Peas and Millet, which was tangy, tender, and flavourful. The other must-try dish has to be the Duckbill Sturgeon. Insider tip: this has to be ordered in advance! Helmed by Chef Deng, who has clocked in more than ten years of culinary experience under his belt, Andy’s Chili Party has quickly become a Hong Kong institution offering genuine and delectable dishes. A dose of Sichuan reality awaits you at Andy’s, and trust us, they don’t disappoint!

Find it at G/F, Yau Shing Building, 182 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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Charlie’s Chili Kitchen

Charlie’s Chili Kitchen definitely takes it up a notch! Prepare to perspire with eclectic dishes such as Bullfrog and Fish Head Hot Pot and Pig’s Intestines and Chicken Hot Pot. The former features large fish head pieces in a savoury, intense, spicy soup, and thanks to the mysterious spice concoction, a perfect balance of salty, sour, and sweet! The later features Sichuan’s go-to-gut melded with the delish flavours of bright red chili oil: a quirky, yet wonderful dish for those more daring.

Find it at Shop 6-7, G/F, Dandenong Mansion, 379-389 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
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Qi98877Dungeness Crab

Qi – Nine Dragons (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Don’t let this restaurant’s imaginative name deceive you. Qi – Nine Dragons features magnificent views of Victoria Harbour—if only One Peking Road Tower weren’t in the way—and fiery Sichuan dishes to match. What separates Qi – Nine Dragons from the rest of the pack has to be its modern interpretation of traditional and authentic Sichuan dishes that reflect the seven flavours of Sichuan:spicy, aromatic, sweet, bitter, sour, peppery, and salty. Indulge in the whole spectrum of intense flavours while you’re there – it’s a tantalising treat! Among the array of hot and cold appetisers worth trying? The Bang Bang Vegetarian Wontons, the Lettuce Wrap, and the Fried Calamari, and Pumpkin with Sichuan Miso. It’s the perfect mesh of classic Sichuan flavours with a modern twist.

Find it at 20/F, Prince Tower, 12A Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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Andy’s Hot Pot

What’s better than mouth numbing, eye watering dishes courtesy of our brethren in the north? The same dishes cooked in even more numbing hot spices thanks to Andy’s Hot Pot! Often under-appreciated in Hong Kong’s Sichuan dining scene, this alluring hot-pot-hot-spot offers crowd-pleasers such as Chongqing Numbing Spicy Hot Pot, Tea Smoked Duck, and Fried Sour Bean & Minced Meat. Too lazy (or numb) to pick? Just choose from one of their combo sets and your night is settled, presto.

Find it at UG-G/F, Rex Building, 399-401 Queen’s Road West, Western District, Hong Kong
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Clinton’s BBQ Fish

Clinton’s BBQ Fish is a true fish lover’s delight with its offerings of scrumptious Szechuan fish dishes in the heart of Hung Hom. Their eclectic DIY menu features a ocean of options with Hong Kong’s finest fish on offer. Grass Carp, Catfish, and Sabah Giant Grouper are all available, paired with a choice of five flavours ranging from garlic to the mouth-numbingly spicy fresh green pepper base. Tuck into your favourite fish dish with even more signature favourites (think: Fresh Bean Curd Sheet, Canada Beef, and Bamboo Fugus) then cool down post-meal by throwing back a bottle of Hoegaarden or some Tsing Tao.

Find it at Shop 21, G/F, Hung Hom Wan Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong
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